Digital Eye Strain: Everything You Need to Know!

The computer age has not only made the world a global village, life has taken on a new form too. For the better of course! In fact, people now wonder how life was even possible before the inception of these gadgets. With the use of the digital devices in literally every sphere of life, there is more efficiency since computers have literally revolutionized everything. The way individuals work, communicate, entertain, are educated or educate, and life has changed. However, there is the downside too. At the moment, more people complain of eye discomfort when they look at the computer for a long time.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

The discomfort that arises from your computer use is known as Digital Eye Strain by the Vision Council of America. Also referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), it entails a number of visual and ocular symptoms. It is estimated that at least 50% of all computer users suffer from DES. This number includes children since the young ones are not spared the digital addiction as well. For clear statistics on this, this page may just paint the true picture of what is on the ground.

Possible Causes of Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is not confined to using computers alone. Watching TV and reading books for a long time may lead to tired eyes as well. As a matter of fact, activities that can strain the eyes are often addictive. People rarely discover they are overusing the eyes until they experience unusual discomfort. Sometimes, the desire to stop for a little break to relieve the discomfort is weak and you find it impossible to take a rest.

In reality, activities that lead to eye strains cannot lead to permanent damage of the eye. However, they cause too much discomfort and can be quite irritating. It is important to remember that the eye strain may not be as a result of an isolated activity or event. Many issues may lead to it. When the digital device you are using has tiny prints, you will have to strain the eyes to see these writings. Improper use of devises, for example tilting them, holding them close to the eye, or too far away, may be another culprit.

HEV or High Energy Visible light can be distressing to the eye without you knowing it. Unlike other digital improper practices, the blue light can cause eye cataracts and macular degeneration when you get older. It is therefore important to avoid it as much as you possibly can. When you wear prescription glasses, be aware of getting eye strains. Corrective lenses are not meant for viewing digital devices within the mid distance range. Of course, this includes electronic devices too.

Impact of Digital Eye Strain on Adults

DES is not unique to any particular group of people. It affects both the young and old alike. So long as someone stares at any digital device for more than 2 hours or for a prolonged period, chances of developing eye discomfort are high. For most adults, digital device use in daily life is unavoidable. Sometimes this even happens unknowingly. After all, their use is not confined to the workplace. At home, there are digital smart phones, tablets, TVs and videos as well. In literally every setting, digital gadgets are a common phenomenon.

Consequently, the following symptoms have been reported in America;

  • 32.4% of digital users said they experienced eye strain.
  • 27.2% of users said they experienced dryness of eyes.
  • 27.7% of users said they experienced extensive headaches.
  • 27.9% of users said they experienced blurry vision.
  • 35% said they had neck, back and shoulder pain.

Other notable symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in opening the eye to its full limit.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Sensitivity of eye to light.
  • Lack of eye focus when you switch from watching the TV to reading a book and vice versa.
  • Seeing after images when you finally look away from your screen.

Impact of Digital Eye Strain on Children

At least 70% or more adults in America report that their children engage in watching screens of either TV or computers each day within their presence. 25% or more of the remaining adults do not take the statistics either because they are too busy, or it simply does not matter too much. Either way, it is important to note that currently, children’s most popular activity is playing on a digital device. If adults do not monitor them, this can translate to more than 8 hours each day. After exposure to digital devices, adults report the following of their children;

  • 8.8% report headaches.
  • 5% report neck, back and shoulder pains.
  • 9.1% report dry, watery or irritated eyes.
  • 15.2% report diminished attention span.
  • 13.3% unbecoming behavior.
  • 13.5% are easily irritated.

With these statistical reports, it is noteworthy to report that indeed there is a problem with the eyes as a result of computer use. Solutions abound of course. People that need respite may try the outlined solutions.

Relief for Digital Eye Strain

There are several ways of reducing digital eye strain. Some of these just require self-discipline while others may present complexities since certain job descriptions dictate that you use your computer for longer hours. To keep your job, you may be forced to tolerate it all. All the same, here are tips to help alleviate your eye discomfort;

Keep distance with your gadget- Position your digital device in such a way that the distance between the eyes and screen is sufficient. While doing this, ensure your body parts are not strained in the process. For example, back, neck and arms. The following could be helpful too;

  • Place the computer where your arm can comfortably extend to computer monitor with ease. If you are able to place the palms of your hand on the monitor flat, that is a comfortable distance and posture for using your tech device.
  • In case you are using devices held on the hand, place them below eye level, but ensure that you are still able to read the screen without straining.
  • Reduce the glare of your device- The good news about digital devices is that most of their functionalities can be adjusted to suit the users. Take the example of the lighting. It can be adjusted by checking the control setting of your computer. You should change your background color from the usual bright light most users prefer to a dull or cool grey. You may also consider the use of glare reducing filters that are readily available and can be attached to the computer screen.
  • Regularly clean the computer screen- Most people forget to clean their computer screens. This ultimately smudges the screen leading to a sharp glare that eventually hurts the eye. Simple cleaning using dry non-fluffy materials can be of help.
  • Adjust the screen to a good position– No matter the type of screen you have or are using, ensure it is directly in front of you. Your face should be directly before the screen and eye slightly above it.
  • Use slightly bigger font sizes– Smaller text sizes lead to strains as you have to bend forwards to see the writing properly. Increase the font size to something more visible. In case it is an assignment with defined font sizes, you can always highlight the writings and increase the size accordingly.
  • Take periodical breaks– Studies show that taking 20 minutes breaks doing something different in between computer use can be very beneficial. After continuously staring at the screen for 2 consecutive hours, it pays to take a deserved break and stare at the greenery or sky. Just something different. If less bright, the better.
  • Blink more– Continuously staring at the computer screen for a long time may strain the eye and make it lack focus. There is need to blink more often so that the monotony of brightness is broken. Blinking regularly helps the eyes to focus better and reduces strain.
  • Using eye drops to relieve irritation to the eye may help too. Prescribed eye medicine helps to keep the eyes moisturized hence relieving discomfort.
  • Wear Glasses– Wearing glasses can hugely help in containing the eye strain menace. In fact, it is becoming a very popular way of breaking the eye discomfort. Eyeglasses help the eye to readily adjust to bright objects like screens. Computer glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription designs. They are also obtainable in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Computer glasses resemble the regular spectacles with the main difference being that they have a lens. You can order your glasses after making specifications concerning lens power and field of view. With advanced technology, now you can have glasses that are powered to relax the eyes while at the same time widening your field of view. Of course, this may mean parting with more money but in the long run, you get value for your cash.

Computer glasses come in varieties that include those with anti-reflective coating which deals with eye strain effectively. It does this by softening glare from very bright lights in bulbs indoors or bright sunlight outdoors. Others computer glasses feature lenses which absorb light selectively. It absorbs the blue light that can be harmful to the eye consequently preventing it entering the cornea. This drastically reduces harm to the eye. All the mentioned features may be incorporated in your eyeglasses or just some of them. It all depends on what you request from your eye specialist.

5 Best Glasses for Digital Eye Strain in Amazon

Speaking about glasses in general may be a little confusing as you could be spoilt for choices. Below is a list of glasses that could help you feel less strain while enjoying the services the digital devices offer;

  • Truvision Readers 

They are not prescription glasses. However, they come with a blue tint on the lens as well as anti-reflective coat which filter the blue light. With these glasses, there is no need to get an optician’s advice. They assist with blurry vision for computer users that suffer from presbyopia. There is a disclaimer though, in case you are not sure that your headaches or discomfort are not as a result of using the computer for prolonged periods, you need an eye exam first. They are sold for $30 at Amazon.

  • VisionKR Reading Glasses 

These reading glasses comes with a yellow tint, anti-glare coating on the lens and the exact color to reduce glare and brightness of screen light. These kinds of glasses are readily available online on Amazon for $13. While on display they look very stylish. At times what you get could be different from what you anticipated. What matters however, should be the properties of the lens. Though of course individual likes and preference sometimes dictate what one wants.

  • J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading Glasses

If comfort is your priority, then these reading glasses will fit you just fine. In fact, at times you will forget you actually had glasses on you. The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield has a yellow tint that reduces the screen’s glare. The price is also right for someone who does not want to spend the whole earth on reading glasses. At only $15, you will have your preferred glasses from Amazon. 

  • Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses

It has a yellow tint that protects your eye. Other than that, it has the option for you to choose the level of magnification for your lens depending on your needs or preference. If reading makes your eyes tired and fatigued, you could do well with the Gamma Ray Optics glasses. At only $15 on Amazon, you can get lots more than you bargained for. Since you can pick them from across the counter, there is no need to visit your eye specialist before finding a remedy for the eye strain.

  • Trust Optics Video Gaming Glasses

Most eye glass manufacturers dwell more on the blue light at the expense of the other causes of eye irritations. As a matter of fact, they rarely focus on gaming as a hobby that could lead to eye discomfort. Now however, gamers have something to smile about. If you indulge in endless gaming sessions, these are the glasses for you. At only $15 on Amazon, you can get yourself a good deal. You can be sure they are ideal for reading. They can be a good choice for youngsters too.

With these glasses to help reduce eye irritation as a result of digital strain, you can keep the pain and discomfort of your eye at bay. Simply make your orders and what you want will be at your collection point.


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