Coto Movies APK Download for Android 2020 – A Free App to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Download Coto Movies/CotoMovies APK here: ‘Binge Watching’ is not a new word for most of the internet users, thanks to tones of streaming content available online. Apps like Coto Movies are ensuring that everyone with an Android smartphone has access to both free and premium content. And, today we’re going to learn how to download Coto Movies APK for Android and stream/watch free movies & TV shows on your smartphone.

This app is not available on Google Play store but there is no need to have a privacy concern and it’s already a popular app among internet users. The app has global userbase. Basically, 6 out of 10 people looking to watch free movies and TV shows online are using Coto Movies. In this post, we’ll learn all about this app, how it came to existence and how it became popular and also, how to download and install CotoMovies app. Let’s begin!

About Coto Movies APK – Latest Version for 2020

Earlier known as Bobby Movies, this app has been really popular among Android users who are always looking for free ways to stream movies and TV series online.

Coto Movies isn’t the only app available for this purpose but it’s the best one out there. Other than being popular, this app is safe and secure as well. Thanks to the developers behind this app who are regularly pushing updates to the core files.

Out of all the features of this app, I would like to talk about my favorite one. The Coto Movies app’s database is updated regularly, introducing fresh movies and TV series for the users. No additional charges are asked by the users to pay for accessing the fresh video content which is impressive.

I have personally watched premium content from HBO, Netflix and other streaming services which are not easily available for free. Thanks to the efforts of Coto Movies app developers, I was able to access the premium content without paying anything.

The next best feature of this app is the performance. I’ve used the fully fletched version but there is also a Lite version of this app available. If you’re having a slow Android smartphone, then I would recommend going for the Lite version of Coto Movies app. The fully fletched Coto Movies app is fast and doesn’t lag, giving an impressive experience which is what we expect from a streaming app. The code responsible for the functioning of this app is responsive, lightweight and modern, making it ready to handle the large file request which is generally the case when we talk about live streaming.

I rarely saw the app taking longer than 10 seconds to start the live streaming of the content of my choice which is really impressive. There is hardly any lag from the app side which makes the experience super impressive. Next good thing is the availability of both popular and less popular titles, making a huge content library which is always available. You just need to tap on the search button, type in the initials of the title you wish to watch, and there are high chances you’ll find them.

The only thing which isn’t that great is the unavailability of additional features which are part of original content producer apps like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. These additional features are not that a big feature which you would miss in Coto Movies app as it’s always about the content which we all care about. Let’s talk about the user interface now. The UI of this app needs no learning curve, making it extremely easy and fun to get started, search for a specific title or scroll through the feed and categories to explore the available content options. The player UI is fairly simple which we all are already familiar with.

In short, the UI of Coto Movies app isn’t anything new which makes the experience truly good. On top of that, the developers are always working and releasing fresh updates to the app, making changes for the good. As I’ve just talked about developers, they are the backbone of Coto Movies experience. They are really working hard, keeping both the content in this app and the app itself, freshly updated to the modern elements. You’ll keep finding new version of Coto Movies APK and it’s recommended to keep the app up to date in order to have the best available experience.

In case you’ve installed an older version of Coto Movies, you’ll receive a notification to upgrade Coto Movies to latest version the moment you launch it for the first time. If you’re a techy, you’ll understand the importance of this feature which keeps the app secure and modern. You can easily find the content arranged within the categories, making it easy to look for a specific type of title easily. The nomenclature used for these categories is global, again keeping the learning curve to zero. Once you select a title, you get to read the synopsis and check IMDb rating, which both helps in deciding whether the title matches your taste or not.

The homescreen of the app is full of newly released titles and the popular among the users at that moment, which is again helpful in figuring out popular and newly released items without exploring much. The app is designed in a way to make it compatible with different types of devices. You can access the same on smartphone or tablet or even your Windows or Mac PC or laptop. This is really a good part as you see no compatibility issues.

The ever growing list of titles never expires. It’s always available to watch, in case you’re bored of watching the trending ones. There has been a lot of good quality content produced earlier and thanks to Coto Movies app, you now have access to all of it. For a personal like me, who likes to stay as far as from the trending items, this is an impressive feature to brag about.

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Once you select a title, Coto Movies app offers you multiple servers for initiating the live streaming, a feature missing from the popular streaming apps. This ensures that you get multiple server options to access the same content and the app also suggests the best one based on your location and the title itself. For a person who is always looking to have top-notch streaming experience, without paying a single penny, this feature is a make or break.

There isn’t just Coto Movies which offers premium content to stream for free but I’ve noticed that many apps have hidden charges, which hurts the concept of free streaming. In Coto Movies app, there isn’t any hidden charges nor any one-time charges. Yes, it’s a 100% free to use live streaming Android app.

The only downside of Coto Movies Android app is that it isn’t available on the Google Play store which is the official app store for Android platform. But, it is hardly a problem as I’ll be providing a safe source from where you can download Coto Movies APK file which is the app’s installation file for Android platform.

Coto Movies APK Prerequisite

There are certain things which needs to be cross-checked before beginning with the installation process of this free movie streaming Android app.

In order to run Coto Movies app smoothly and have the best experience, a smartphone with following specifications is required.

  • It should be running Android KitKat or higher version.
  • It should have at least, HD (720p) resolution screen.
  • It should have at least, 2GB of RAM.
  • It should have at least, 1-2GB free storage.
  • You should have an internet connection with above 2-3MBPS download speed. Anything slower will impact the HD streaming quality.
  • Go to Settings, then tap on Security Settings, and then enable the option that says, ‘Unknown sources.’

The last prerequisite is very important as the Coto Movies app is not available on Google play store and we will be installing it via APK file. The Unkown sources option removes the restriction which stops app installation via APK format.

Important: Removing the aforementioned restriction can put your smartphone at risk if you download a malware infected app. This is why it’s important to download apps from genuine sources only.

Bonus tip: In case your country has strict laws for streaming premium content online for free, then I’ll recommend using a premium VPN. There are tons of premium VPN apps available on Google Play store. They hide your original location and makes it hard to track your actual location.

Coto Movies APK Download for Android

Free download Coto Movies app download link is here. Now is the time to go ahead and click on the following link and hit the download button you see.

Free Download Coto Movies APK

The downloading process will begin and finish within a minute or two, unless your internet connection is too slow. Once you download Coto Movies app then move ahead to the next section of this tutorial.

How to Install Coto Movies APK on Android

Now you’re one step away from streaming free TV series on Android smartphone and that too while enjoying premium experience.

Follow the below mentioned steps, as it is.

  1. Tap on the Coto Movies APK file in the notification center. If you’ve cleared the download notification then launch the File Manager app in your phone, go to Download section, find Coto Movies APK file and tap on the same.
  2. You’ll receive a prompt with the app logo, name, and an Install button at the bottom right corner. Tap on the Install button now.
  3. Within a minute, Coto Movies app will be installed on your smartphone.
  4. Click on Done to finish the installation process.

That’s it! This free streaming Android app is live on your phone. Find it in the app explorer and launch the same to begin your premium movie/tv series watching experience.

Bonus: How to install Coto Movies app on PC

Not a big fan of watching movies and TV series on a smartphone? I’m just like you in this case. There is no need to worry as we can still stream movies on PC for free using Coto Movies app. Interesting, right?

The Windows PC formula is not as quick as it was on an Android smartphone but it’s simple and trustworthy. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and at the end of this process, the app will be ready to stream movies and tv shows for free on your Windows PC. Ready?

Step 1: Go ahead and download Nox software from its official website. The software is available for both Windows and Mac and it’s free to use. It’s the best Android emulator out there which allows Android apps to install and run on PC.

Step 2: Once Nox software file is downloaded completely, double click on the same and begin the installation process. Later, click on the Install button as you see on-screen.

Step 3: Give the process some time to finish the installation process. On completion, you’ll see a Start button to launch the Nox app. Click on the same.

Step 4: Using the above mentioned link, download Coto Movies APK file and save it on Desktop.

Step 5: Within Nox, click on the APK option, find the Coto Movies APK file on the desktop and proceed.

Step 6: It will initiate the installation process of Coto Movies APK file within Nox Android emulator. On completion, you’ll get a notification.

Step 7: Tap on the Coto Movies app shortcut within Nox Player and it will start running. If it asks to login with a Google account, please do the same as it’s a must for running an Android ecosystem.

Was it hard or long? It was simple and worth your time, right?


This was all about Coto Movies app for Android. I hope you enjoyed reading all about this app. Do your community a favor by sharing it with all your friends and making them aware of this free app to stream movies on your Android phone.

If you face any issues, feel free to mention it in the comment section below and I’ll get them sorted personally. Peace.

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