SoundTouch 300 vs Sonos Playbar – 2020 Comparison

We all know the value of a great sound system and its potential to transform our homes and entertainment experiences. The concepts that appeal well to visions won’t necessarily feel well to the ears as well. When all senses unite to decide whether a voice and vision are a good combination for you to dance on, that’s when we know that the sound bar you are using is doing great. The default built-in speakers that your TV offers are good too, but the additional effects and bass that a sound bar can provide has no match. A great sound bar would do wonders to your TV screens by making it 20 times more enjoyable. Considering the importance of a sound bar, we jotted our heads together to find out which sound bars are delivering the best effects to the music lovers. We shortlisted the two best ones and the comparison between the two will make it easier to decide on your purchase.

SoundTouch 300 vs Sonos Playbar – Full Comparison

We ended up with the SoundTouch 300 and Sonos Playbar. Now both these sound bars are almost of the same weight on your pocket but the features and outcomes of sound make them different. No matter how similar the price is, the features always make the equipped one heavy in a weighing scale. Not only the prices, the SoundTouch 300 and Sonos Playbar both have good reviews and similar features as well. But again, quality matters the most and the Bose SoundTouch 300 is likely to outshine the Playbar. We never know what the result is, but let’s start comparing both sound beasts.

When the two products are similar in feature and pricing, deciding between the two can be difficult for the buyer. There comes the convenience and advancement factors, how much a certain product is facilitating the user is also crucial. Like the SoundTouch 300 is a very unique and advanced model that is built to work best with other SoundTouch devices like its wireless subs and speakers. it uses the Wi-Fi to connect through devices. The Playbar is simply a high-quality sound bar that rejuvenates your sound experience. Sonos playbar also uses Wi-Fi to connect through devices but here comes the difference, The SoundTouch 300 also has the capability to connect through Bluetooth across various devices. Here, the Sonos Playbar is lacking in providing convenience. It is only limited to Wi-Fi and thereby, stays behind the lane.

The SoundTouch 300 was designed to work best with the latest technology to provide the best outcomes. Specifically, it is made to be connected with 4k Televisions with the help of HSMI ARC support whereas Sonos Playbar only provides a basic HDMI connection with the TV. Also, the quality of sound varies between both. The SoundTouch 300 slightly lacks in the deep bass but has a very versatile and vast sound stage and it is the opposite with our Sonos Playbar as it has a deep bass but lacks vast sound stage. Both the SoundTouch 300 and Sonos Playbar are made to work with their respective devices but The SoundTouch 300 allows the users to connect with third-party devices as well through Bluetooth connection.

Manufactured by the leading home theater brands, both the SoundTouch 300 and Sonos Playbar has a vast audience of appreciation and applauds. But making a choice between them two is hard as anything, let’s comprehend it more by differentiating between the things that matter most to the buyer; Design, Sound Quality and Integrations, etc. Both the sound bars add great value to your home theater experience and both of them allow you to surf through versatile music apps and playlists at all times. We want you to make a choice that blows your mind and that the decision you made while buying never comes back and haunts you. To choose wise, go through the detailed elaboration below.


Along with sound and other features, the design has significant importance. As much as you love having a home theater, you won’t be fine with having a sound bar that is not appealing for your lounge. The sound bar has to be of great quality and has to look decent and classy with your TV. The intuitive and extremely sleek design of the SoundTouch 300 makes it a great deal to put in your room or lounge. as appealing as it looks, the SoundTouch 300 has no buttons and controls on it so if you ever make the sin of losing its remote, it will mess you up for long. The SoundTouch 300 is made for TVs bigger than 50 inches as its size is 97.9cm. On the contrary, The Sonos Playbar has a comparatively smaller size and you can control your playlist through touch controls on the sound bar which makes it a little convenient than the SoundTouch 300.

Sound Quality

Both the sound bars have great quality sound but differ in the alternating aspects. The Bose SoundTouch 300 has a vast range of sound stage that allows you to experience versatility in sound. Whether it’s your fav jam or a Saturday night live episode, The SoundTouch 300 has got you covered. It does lack in deep bass though, but that could be ignored, no? Okay, then Sonos Playbar has your back as well with deep bass effects and nine Class-D amplifier speakers that put an immersive effect on your brain with deep sound waves. The tweeters and mid-range speakers of Sonos Playbar combined do wonders on your ears by low and high immersive waves of sound. The sound quality of both the sound bars is great here but the consumption and distribution of sound make them both completely different and individual identities. If you don’t want to go through the extra hassle to add a sub to the SoundTouch 300 for bass, then Sonos Playbar is your thing!


As far as the sound is concerned, we have to put forward all the aspects and sound ratios. But when it comes to the mediums these sound bars are built for, it matters a lot on the versatile functionalities of both. Talking about the integrations, The SoundTouch 300 provides you with more than one connectivity bridges such as the HDMI ARC support that allows a 4K TV to pass through. Along with that, it allows connection over Bluetooth, jack for hard wire and wirelessly connects with the Acoustimass 300 as well. Moreover, you can wirelessly connect it to the subs for deep bass effect if you find the bass a bit lower. It is completely compatible with its subsidiary devices and the ones that outshine it. The same goes for Sonos Playbar, connects with devices of its own but allows a connection through optical audio output and allows Dolby Digital to pass through as well. Integrations wise, the SoundTouch 300 takes the lead again!

PROs and CONs of the SoundTouch 300

The SoundTouch 300 has the most beautiful and sleekest design of all. It gives a high quality real-time sound experience with its sound quality and with its exceptionally slim and tempered glass body as well. It is appealing to the viewers and looks utterly classy in combination with your TV as it is made for bigger screens and it shines best with them. The feature of connecting through various ways like NFC, Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth is a great value that adds to its pros. The sound effects are exceptionally sensual as well. The addition of a sub-woofer or wireless speaker would add greater value to its already enhanced sound. Addition of a sub is a bit of a con but other features cover for it. It makes your sound experience enormously wide with the acceptation of Spotify, iMusic, and Pandora, etc. it expands the sound waves throughout your room and leaves you with no option other than move with the melody of the waves itself.

PROs and CONs of the Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is built to change the trends from regular TV Speakers to greatly designed and equipped sound bars that transform the sound experience from No to Yo! The Sonos Player has nine enhanced amplifiers and 6 mid-range speakers along with 3 tweeters that make the sound blast with melodious effects. It keeps the equilibrium and keeps no stones unturned in giving you a great quality sound that keeps you hooked for hours. You always long for more with a Sonos Playbar. The deep sound effects, the extra-ordinary bass, immersive sound waves and a whole new wave of music through Amazon Echo and Dot etc. it broadens your horizon on music and makes sure you seamlessly enjoy each bit of it. It allows a two-cord setup with input and output ends. It too has a sleek and glim design that looks better mounted on a wall as well as laid down on a surface around your TV.


The SoundTouch 300 and The Sonos Play bar are competitive and high-quality sound bars. The breakdown of design, sound quality and integrations must have made it clear for you to decide on the purchase. At this point, it is quite simple that Sonos Playbar is great in terms of deep bass effects and the SoundTouch 300 has the abilities to amaze with its integrations and latest advancements that would accommodate you for longer periods.

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