BlueHost Black Friday 2019 Deal: Up to 75% Off on the Best Web Hosting Service

For a lot of us, Black Friday is the best part of the year. In this season, everything is cheaper, and you can finally buy what you have been dreaming off for a while. This includes getting the best deals on web hosting services. And like every year, BlueHost will be running a sick Black Friday discount campaign. Keep on reading to learn more about the BlueHost Black Friday 2019 deal. And check this page here for the best Black Friday web hosting deals.

BlueHost is an old and popular hosting service. It has even been endorsed by WordPress itself for being one of the best hosting companies that are compatible with WordPress. They offer speed and creativity. If you’re looking to launch a personal website, or something bigger for your company, BlueHost is a good choice and you can make your move during this Black Friday Sale. BlueHost hosting service is well-known for its great features and efficiency. It is also very affordable, and the Black Friday 2019 deal would make this worth your while.

During this season, BlueHost is offering a great discount of 75% off on the Choice Plus and the Plus plans, and 67% off the Basic plan. For the basic plan, you can enjoy their web hosting services for just about $30 a year. Usually, this would’ve cost you $48. The basic plan’s cost is usually $3.95 every month, but the Black Friday deal makes it $2.65. Also, the Choice Plus and Plus plans cost $5.95 every month, but because of Black Friday, it will now be $4.45 every month. With this discounts, you can pay for a whole year or more to take advantage of the BlueHost Black Friday deal.

With the BlueHost Black Friday deal, you can get access to any of these services at a great price

  • WordPress hosting and WooCommerce.
  • Shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated servers.

The Black Friday deal for BlueHost will be starting on the 29th of November and ending on Cyber Monday which is the 2nd of December. During these few days, it is highly recommended that you get the best plan for your website and pay for a long-term service. Once these days are over, the BlueHost amazing deal will not be back till this time next year.

How Do You Get Started?

BlueHost is popular because it is very affordable and efficient. They offer you a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and even an SSL certificate with the seemingly cheapest plans. No matter the type of website that you want to build, BlueHost Black Friday Deal has got you covered. So, how do you get in on this?

It’s quite easy to get your deal. The BlueHost Company has made a discount page for you to visit during the time of the Black Friday offer. Just go to the BlueHost Black Friday Sales Page and get started on the appropriate day.

BlueHost Standard Pricing

When going into BlueHost to enjoy your promo, you might as well know the plans and how much you can benefit from them. In the case of shared hosting, BlueHost offers three plans which are Basic, Plus and Choice Plus.

Starting with the basic, you will be getting 67% off the standard price this Black Friday which makes it $2.65 instead of $3.95. With the basic plan, you can only host a single website. If you’re looking to launch a personal website, then the basic plan will be an ideal choice. It is especially great for students.

Next, the Plus plan which allows for an unlimited number of websites on your server. This plan also comes with storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It now goes for 75% off the standard price which is $5.95 every month.

Finally, the Choice plan which actually costs the same amount as the Plus plan. It also has the same features in the Plus plan, with the addition of site backup feature and domain privacy. Like the Plus plan, you are also getting 75% off the usual price which is $5.95. Now, you can enjoy all of these benefits for just $4.45 a month. This means that you can pay for a year or more now. What would’ve cost you $72 will now cost $53.

Why Should You Choose BlueHost?

There are a lot of other hosting services putting their best in their Black Friday deals and going all out like BlueHost, so why should you decide to use BlueHost?

BlueHost has a lot of great unique features. It is not only offering hosting solutions for WordPress as some people might think as it also offers a diverse range of services to customers.

BlueHost started out providing one-click WordPress installation. Then, they provided the ability for their clients to automatically install WordPress without needing any technical knowledge.

BlueHost is also so confident with their work that they have a unique anytime money back guarantee. We have all heard of a 30-day money back guarantee, but not one that you can cash out of it easily and any time if you’re not satisfied. This is also quite unlikely because BlueHost cannot disappoint.

Also, they have an impeccable customer service that is available round the clock in case you need any help and a toll free number for you to reach out to them. Their customer service is on twenty-four seven and so you can always lay your complaints.

Another unique feature of BlueHost is the gift that the clients get. In BlueHost, for every hosting purchase, the client gets $150 worth of Google AdWords. This would give you the opportunity to achieve your goals through advertisement.


Anyone looking to build a website or blog has come across BlueHost because of its effectiveness but might have looked away because of the prices. But from November 29th of this year, the Black Friday deal might be just what you need to build your business or personal website inexpensively. You can make up to $5k a month with a simple blog according to this article.

Ensure you remember the date so you can get in on what other BlueHost clients enjoy. BlueHost is the kind of hosting service that helps both you and your website visitors. And now they are offering more. What are you waiting for?

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