Best VNC Viewer for Android, iPhone and iPad 2020

VNC was not so important back in the days but as of now, we need it portability of high-end machine isn’t new or unavailable but its expensive and everyone cannot afford it. Therefore, we need the portability of high-end machines and accessibility from anywhere this lead to VNC, but no most of the people are comfortable using phones rather than a computer on the go and just for more flexibility in the ecosystem we prefer the access over the phones. As the mobile device market consists of Android or iOS or iPad we need some apps for these platforms and here we go through some of the most common and highly featured apps.

 Best VNC Viewer for Android

As Android very flexible and versatile almost all mentioned apps are available for Android but in android, there is a lot of competition in open source. All of the apps are a good performer in most of the aspect be it paid or free.


PocketCloud is simply my favorite just because of the simplicity it offers to the user, its almost ready to use anytime app. It’s also supported by Honeycomb tablets and above all, it automatically detects your currently running computers via the Google Account so no need of a new account.

How to connect:

You can manage the picture quality and the bandwidth usage which is indeed helpful. No unnecessary gestures to learn but yes basic gestures are supported. All you need to do is start the server on the computer login with Google account and it’s in your control.

User Experience and Features:

When it comes to user experience of the app itself its flawless, it uses a cursor for better and precise actions. Auto keyboard activation and custom keyboard shortcuts make it easier to operate.

With very few shortcomings like changing of aspect ratio and resolution of the monitor or like it requires some extra clicks for some task which can be done in fewer clicks on its competition.

If we consider the Pro version, it brings a list of more features which helps it top the charts.

• It allows adding many computers as many as you wish.
• Remote access to Sound support
• Can mount your phone’s SD card on your computer’s network as a drive when connected
• Add a better layer of encryption by allowing 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption for RDP and 128-bit encryption for VNC

Price: Free/$14.99 Pro

But with this and  some more advanced options is only available with the Pro version which is going to cost you: $14.99 Pro

But still for simplicity and instant use of VNC you can go with the Free version.


Splashtop is also available for Android and is free and provides almost all the features like touch gestures and can play flash videos the best.

Best VNC Viewer for iPhone (iOS):


This has to be at the top because of the beautiful UI and ergonomics. As with VNC’s, we have seen so far we need an app on the machine (server) and one of the mobile device (client), the client connects to the server machine via port 5900. Screens is one solution for several Apple devices and is a pleasure to use and it’s secure, smooth and overall amazing but comes at a cost. It’s not way more expensive than the competition but is in the middle so it may be pricey for some but its worth the money.

Download it here

How to connect:

You are just required to log in to the PC and you can enjoy the service. You can also adjust the display quality if the network is slow.

User Experience and Features:

• Compatible with Windows, MAC OS, Linux
• Make full use of Multi touch
• Optional track pad mode with gestures for the MAC OS X dock as well makes it easier to operate
• Connect securely to remote computers via SSH channel
• Supports iPad, iPod touch
• One of the best experiences so far

It’s basically a fully fledged VNC which works good and has very few limitations one of which is its cost! But apart from that its feature-rich and premium app with almost no compromise, whatsoever.
Price: 20$



If you need most features with no worry of money you should consider iTeleport it has a few more features like keyboard shortcuts which are well appreciated by power users.

Mocha lite:

Mocha lite can be a good alternative if you want a basic VNC service without many features and want it for free. It’s the best free alternate because it simply gets the job done.

Best VNC Viewer for iPad

Splashtop Personal

Splashtop has been one of the 25 best selling iPad apps of all time, what else should we consider. Being ranked #1 in 30+ countries, this app speaks for itself and is one of the most stable and premium apps for VNC.
This and Screens both are compatible with iPhone and iPad and so is preferred by many people just due to ease of use.

Download it here for iPad

User Experience and Features:

• It’s secured via SSL (256-bit AES).
• Supports various network like WiFi, 3G and 4G
• Request Permission to Connect
• Fluid UI updated every now and then
• Frequently updated with bug fixes and improvements and optimisations

It’s oldest in the game but most improved and updated and above all is free to use to make a good bargain of features and price.

Price: Free



It’s rated 4.7 by 4.8k people which is a great and it’s free. It is great when it comes to user experience as it gives features like zoom and magnifying glass, offers amazing customizability. It also features multi-window to share the screen within various apps, to monitor more than one app at a time.

Jump Desktop

It costs 15$ but is a decent performer in the game especially for non-technical users. It features sync via iCloud and is easy and secure.

Team Viewer

It’s a well-known name in the VNC industry and provides features like both side files transfer amazing touch gestures and the highest level of security and good app update support. But may need a learning curve for non-technical users. You can download it for free for all platforms from their official site.

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