Best Tech Gifts Under $50 – 2020 Edition

Looking for affordable tech products to gift to someone special or for your own use? Here we list 18 of the best tech gifts under $50, updated for 2020.

At this point of the era, there are a bunch of new mind-blowing cool tech gadgets surfacing on the planet. Smart devices are getting deep-rooted in millions of newest technologies whether in science research or businesses. The world is embracing incredible knowledge about tech devices and everyone is looking forward to staying tuned to this dramatic inevitable change.

Huge companies like Amazon or eBay have provided online shopping platforms that are easy to use and they are making a name for themselves by providing effective and high-quality tech products at a price that will not require you to break the bank. Imagine what you can do with fifty bucks or less. To many of us, we might think it’s almost impossible to have the newest tech gadgets without spending a fortune. In the meantime, none of us could think that is even possible. One of the ways of staying close to family and friends is by the little gesture of handing them gifts. That being said, check out these 18 trending and cool tech gifts that you can bestow to a family or friend. Furthermore, they come at a pocket friendly price of less than $50.  

18 Best Tech Gifts Under $50 – Updated List for 2020

  • Anker Powercore 13000 Portable Battery ($37.99)

Do you know of an Individual who is constantly on their phone and always on the move? – Anker Powercore battery is an excellent tech gift for them.  The portable battery is suited with a capacity of 13000mAh which allows you to charge any kind of smartphone device including the most recent ones for a couple of times. It is featured with Fast-charging abilities which include an output of 3A and input of 2A. The battery itself doesn’t take a long period of time to recharge.

Another cool feature of the battery is the Dual USB ports which allow you to power two devices at a go without interference. Essentially, it functions well with most of the USB- powered gadgets that are lesser in size than a laptop inclusive of Bluetooth speakers & headphones, tablets, iPads and many more. This inexpensive small gadget will keep you backed up with power all the time.

  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K ($40)

With less than fifty bucks, you may think it’s a challenge to find gadgets that will perform “every” task effectively without compromise. Put that aside and consider the recent Amazon Fire Stick 4K featured with a storage of 8GB and a processor of 1.7GHz. This offers swift loading and fascinating streaming acquaintance. At an affordable price, the package gives access to more than 500,000 Tv shows as well as movie channels along with sports and live TV coverage. In an era where the internet has become part of our lives, the stick offers connection to plenty of websites. You can stream a lot of music services which includes Sound cloud, Spotify and also live radio stations.

Another superb feature of the stick is its ability to integrate to Amazon Alexa which is impressive virtual support to assist you with finding anything to stream, from checking the latest news updates, to weather notifications among others. The stick also offers crystal-clear pictures as well as a clearly defined audio in which it is compatible with HLG, HDR 10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision including 4K Ultra HD streams at a level of 60fps.

  • Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($40)

Looking to stay tuned to your favorite music while on the move? The Anker Soundcore 2’s will make that happen. This powered small device has a dust free and water resistance features which makes it suitable for the outdoors environment. It has an impressive boosted battery that can help you stay connected to relentless music for 24 hours. Practically, most individuals won’t require to charge it up over and over in a week.  If you like enjoying the loud sound, you will be pleasantly surprised by utilizing dual stereo performance which is bass enabled up to 12W giving you an awesome sound experience.


If you like taking pictures and recording videos for a living or just for fun using drones, then the Hubsan X4Plus Quadcopter is a perfect tech gift you should consider. This gadget is available at affordable rates yet it offers dramatic experience in the amazing world of drones. The package is featured with a 1080P Ultra HD Camera and comes in handy with a spare battery, a transmitter, spare parts in case of breakage plus a variety of flight modes inclusive of some tricks that are programmed. In its small size, the drone is easy to handle and designed to withstand windy environments.

  • BioLite CookStove ($50)

It is usually annoying to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no fire to warm up or preparing something to eat. That should not be a problem anymore. The BioLite Cookstove, well customized for outdoor lovers will get you covered. The small in size stove is a wood-burning appliance suited with a fan that is powered by a battery on the side.

The fan is designed to circulate airflow for efficient combustion by setting one of the four speeds. The stove utilizes available biomass such as twigs to boil water in a range of 5 minutes depending on the maximum setting.

Another amazing trick of the stove is the ability of the battery to sustain power for up to 30 hours in respect to the speed of the fan and using any portable USB- battery it can be recharged as well.

The BioLite Cookstove is an ideal tech for keeping warm, making tea or cooking meals when the sun sets technically for outdoors purpose. Go ahead and grab the gift on Amazon.

  • Anker Wireless QI Phone Charger ($21.99)

Tired of using worn out cables and replacing them over and over again? Get advanced to a Wireless Qi phone charger and get relieved from your troubles. By simply connecting the charging pad to a powered charging cable and placing your device on the pad you are good to go. For effective performance, place your phone exactly at the proper pad location. As simple as it seems, you will not learn its efficiency unless you have it. One of the most advanced features is the fast-charging ability as well as no plugging is required. Save yourself the drama of replacing old cables by getting this cool gadget.

  • Tile Pro ($47.50)

Tired of misplacing your keys and phones? The good news is, Tile Pro is designed explicitly for this purpose. This small boxlike gadget will help you find your keys or your phone that are out of sight. The title sticks on the key ring and using a phone app, you can set a connection on your device that will make it beam an intense sound that can be heard within 300 feet radius. Finding your phone has been made easier by simply double pressing the Tile’s pro button initiating your phone to ring even if it’s on silent mode. The latest Tile Pro model is featured with a replaceable CR2032 battery and switching of the battery has been made easy.

  • Sunport Smart Solar Plug ($50)

Most of us still think the only way to access and use neat solar energy at our homes is by installing solar panels. Well, this has been proved otherwise and apparently, there is an exception for that when using Sunport Solar Plug. Technically, with this small device, you do not need to harness solar energy in order to use it.

This is how it works: By plugging the little guy in, it measures the amount of electricity drawn directly from a wall socket outlet and elevates it to solar power automatically. Sunport has made it easier to access solar power. To be realistic, the use of Sunport doesn’t directly lead to an increase in solar energy generated worldwide but it has, in turn, inflated solar power demand worldwide. This translates to much more Solar energy farms being established in the future. Get yourself a SunPort plug for a price range between forty to fifty dollars.

  • Amir Phone Camera Lens Kit ($21.99)

Over the past few ages, Phones have been modified with cameras that are capable of capturing amazing photos. That said, Amir camera lens kit will improve the appearance of your pictures to a better crystal-clear look.

Available for iPhones, Samsung, and other smartphones, this superb phone camera lens is designed with Lanthanide Optical glass to boost durability, minimize reflection and lens glare in order to optimize its DSLR performance. Amir Lens kit will help you maximize the field of view and gives you a clear shot of the entire object you wish to capture. The photos are stunning with no dark corners.

The lens kit is fitted with 15X Macro lens enabling you to capture extremely clear pictures convenient for long distance shots. Available at a price that will not make you break the bank; Amir Lens kit is customized to stylish appearance easy to use and widely compatible with mobile devices depending on the brands of smartphones and even tablets. Get your hands on this lens and enjoy taking gorgeous pictures wherever you go.

  • The American Red Cross FR1 Emergency Radio with Smartphone charger ($19.99)

With just 20 bucks, award a loved one with this cool tech gift. With this gadget, you will enjoy getting news, weather and Music updates by just tuning the FM/AM weather band radio. It is featured with a fast charging ability which includes a 2000mAh battery. With the device at hand, your phone can never run out of charge. Simply use a USB cable to connect your phone to the radio and it will get charged at an ultra-speed up to a rate of 2A.

Don’t get stranded during the night. The radio comes in handy with an amazing LED flashlight that shines brightly illuminating spectacular light. Just Light it up and enjoy the glare.

Another cool feature of this gadget is the in-built generator crank which generates infinite power. By just spinning the in-built hand generator crank, you’ll achieve enough energy to power up your radio as well as the flashlight. This advancement is much efficient since there is no need to replace dead batteries anymore or plug the device.

  •  Creative Stage Air ($29.99)

Most of us love to enjoy powerful yet crystal clear sounds when listening to music using computers. It can be really annoying spending a fortune on computer speakers and still get disappointed. However, the Creative Stage Air offers something nice to ensure your needs are met. The powered USB speaker is designed to perfectly fit below your computer monitor.

In the comfort of your room, you will be entertained by the absorbing big bass enabled audio that gets into your ears to leave you dipped into the world of music.

The Stage Air is designed with a dual connectivity mode which includes a wired and a wireless connection. This makes it simple to enjoy listening to both Bluetooth music or you can opt for a wired connection using an AUX jack of 3.5 mm in size. In addition, you don’t have to play music via a computer all the time, with a mass storage USB device, plug it in the Stage air USB port and get entertained.

Nowadays having a reliable power source is all that matters in any tech gadget. Having said that, portable Creative Stage Air is customized with a battery that has a capacity which can last up to 6 hours therefore usable without always having a connection to an external power source.

  • Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($39.99)

For a moment, most of us think having a spicy breakfast would require going to a famous restaurant in town to get our mornings started with a flavorsome breakfast. The little Mr. “Sandwich Maker” has an exception for that.  Using available home ingredients such as as veggies, eggs, cheese or any other ingredient you may wish to add, make 1 or 2 pro-level savory sandwiches in just five minutes to spice up your brekkie.

This ingenious device has a timer with a detectable tone much easier for use to ensure your output is at a top-notch standard. Quick and simple recipes are included with removable parts for easy cleaning. This would be a wonderful tech gift to pull out on your granny.

  • Black Diamond Spot Headlamp ($35.63)

Having troubles tending to your farm animals at the crack of dawn or stranded with finding your jogging trails at night? Check out this powerful 300-lumen spot headlamp and consider your problems solved. Featured with a couple of light modes and a waterproof ability, this ingenious device offers reliable outermost lighting with a superb adjustment of brightness for close-up errands.

Available at an affordable price, this headlamp has a memory feature that will enable you to return back to the previous setting automatically once you turn it on.

  • Anker PowerPort + USB – C 5 – Port 60W USB Wall Charger ($50)

If you are sick of constantly changing USB cables and seeing them hanging recklessly from power sockets, then consider buying this gadget which has been fitted with 5 USB ports, it will save you the trouble.

The Anker PowerPort+ is designed with four PowerlQ standard sockets that are used to charge multiple devices at the same time. The multiplex capability has a high charge withdrawal at the same time. The extra ports has a power delivery used to power most of the latest Macbooks along with other laptops that are charged using the USB-C.

Exterminating of cord clutter has been made easier and effective specifically by considering the adhesive stripe used in the PowerPort+ for attachment beneath a desk or on the other side. By plugging in the extended power cable from the USB wall charger to a particular wall socket, you have got yourself an elegant and a small but absolute charging system that can be used to charge most of the USB powered devices.

  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb ($20)

Is a loved one still having to get off the couch to turn off the lights? Reward them with a TP-Link Kasa Smart bulb to save you them trouble and get to the real world where everything is incredibly done from the comfort of your sofa. This cool tech gift can be controlled via Google, Microsoft, Android app, iOS or even the Amazon’s Voice help (not forgetting the Fire TV stick highlighted above).

Lights are turned on or off using few taps on a screen or just definite words once the smart bulb is connected to any Wi-Fi network preferably a home Wi-Fi set up. This settings also change the level of brightness manually or restore the previous setting.

Contrary to other smart bulbs, this device requires inexpensive hardware to start functioning and it is compatible with various fittings.

It is a perfect way to begin lighting households using this convenient smart bulb available in packages of 50W and 60W models. Stay connected to your home without spending much.

  • Shure SE112 Earphones ($49)


In the world of headphones, Shure SE112 earphones are one of the favorites not only for its cost but also for its incredible performance. Looking for great sound that gives you a long-lasting coziness? This gadget will check in the above boxes for you. Its design is meant to deliver a passive sound isolated from noise thus quality audio is achieved.

SE112 has its earpieces enclosed with polished compact plastic and a strip of thin rubber on its edges to ensure smooth placement on the ear. Its tailored design of the earpieces is inverted to ensure the cable is worn backward around the ear making it a little more comfortable.

With no doubts, Shure has made one of the impressive models in the market that delivers a classic clear sound and users are able to perceive clearly authentic bass along with a nicely pinpointed mid range as well as treble audio sound. Check out these stunning SE112 earphones worth listening to music with.

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  • Fire 7 Tablet ($40)


Amazon has offered one of the best models of computer tablets which are available in a multiple sizes and shapes. Just for forty bucks grab the Fire 7, an outstanding and suitable tech gift at an affordable rate.

The Fire 7 tablet has useful features such as Amazon’s Alexa assistance which is in-built in the device; allows you to convey verbal questions and the tablet answers. In addition, with the tablet, you can have full control of other smart gadgets like light bulbs, nest thermostat, a ring video Doorbell among others. Enjoy making video calls and taking selfies with the front camera.

The device has a lightweight battery that can keep you company for up to 8 hours and the good news is that it has the fast-charging feature, therefore, you will not spend decades charging up the gadget.

Storage abilities have been well advanced with a memory card slot for adding up to 256GB of supplemental storage. The ultimate part is that it’s suited especially for traveling purposes which implies dozens of TV shows and movies or even music can be easily downloaded for entertainment on the bus.

For readers, don’t be left out with the latest articles on your favorite topics just use the Fire 7 tablet to download books, meals recipes, magazines and many more. This device will keep you posted all the time.

It would be a good idea to pull out this tech gift on your so called not modernized folks.

  • ECEEN 13W Solar Charger ($40)


In the few decades that have past, technologies revolving around solar energy has significantly improved to the point where there are much more solar options at the modest cost. Whenever solar energy was mentioned, what clicked at the back of our minds was huge panels normally installed at rooftops. Thanks to the commitment of solar energy companies, nowadays solar panels have been advanced to smaller and portable sizes convenient for use in any place. That said, in your budget consider the ECCEN 13W Solar charger for a new experience of charging up your devices using neat solar energy.

The gadget weighs barely 255 grams and the whole unit is equivalent to a one-inch thickness when entirely folded. In addition, a backside stand is provided which allows you to simply set up an angle of inclination in relation to the sun. Enjoy using this device during summer and surprise your family members when headed up to the sandy beaches. You never have to worry about your phone running out of juice.


Modernization is inevitably growing at a higher rate. Don’t be left behind. Simply get engaged in the technological world by checking these newest tech gifts that suit your preferences. Plenty of tech gifts are available for you and beloved.

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