Best Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts – Full List

If you are into coding and looking for a platform to improve your productivity, then Sublime Text 3 is the suitable platform for you. To boost your workflow on the platform, it supports a variety of shortcuts. Yes, you can actually make use of the different shortcuts with which you can improve your productivity by up to 50%. Best Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts full list is given here for the professional coders and web users in this article.

What is Sublime Text 3?

Sublime Text 3 is the most popular plain text editor designed for the web developers, programmers and coders. It’s a simple platform that lets you design your codes and start a new project on it. The platform supports a variety of shortcuts which you can use to work faster. Sublime Text 3 is also known as ST3. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating system for free.

In this article, we have included all the useful shortcuts for Sublime Text 3 plain text editor. We have also categorized them in different categories so that you can use them for the particular task only. You can bookmark this page and revisit it again to fetch the codes and get used to them for the future.

Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts Full List

General Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+P Command Prompt
Ctrl+Alt+P Switch Project
Ctrl+P Go to file
Ctrl+G Go to line
Ctrl+R Go to methods
Ctrl+Shift+R go to methods in project
Ctrl+KB Toggle sidebar
Ctrl+` Toggle console
Ctrl+Shift+N New window

Shortcuts for Editing the Texts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+L Select line (repeat select next lines)
Ctrl+D Select word (repeat select others occurrences in context for multiple editing)
Ctrl+Alt+Up / Ctrl+Alt+Down Select column for multiple editing
Ctrl+Shift+M select content into brackets
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert line before
Ctrl+Enter Interline after
Ctrl+Shift+K Delete line
Ctrl+KK Delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl+KBackspace Delete from cursor to start of the line
Ctrl+Shift+D Duplicate line(s)
Ctrl+J Join lines
Ctrl+KU Upper case
Ctrl+KL Lower case
Ctrl+/ Comment line
Ctrl+Shift+/ Block comment
Ctrl+Y Redo or repeat
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste and ident
Ctrl+Space Autocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
Ctrl+M Jump to matching brackets
Ctrl+U Soft undo (movement undo)
Ctrl+Shift+U Soft redo (movement redo)

Shortcuts for XML / HTML

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Shift+A Select content into the tag
Alt+. Close tag

Shortcuts for Code navigation

Shortcut Description
F12 Go to definition
Alt+- Jump back

Shortcuts for Navigation

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+0 Focus on sidebar
Esc Focus back to edit area when focusing on sidebar

Shortcuts to Find or Replace Texts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+I Incremental find
Ctrl+H Replace
F3 Find the next occurrence of the Searched word
Ctrl+F3 Find next occurrence of the current word
Alt+F3 Select all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in files

Shortcuts for Bookmarking

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Next bookmark
Shift+F2 Previous bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Clear bookmarks

Shortcuts for Simple Marks

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+KSpace Set mark
Ctrl+KW Delete from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KA Select from cursor to mark
Ctrl+KG Clear mark

Shortcuts for Splits or Tabs

Shortcut Description
Alt+Shift+1 Single column
Alt+Shift+2 Two columns
Alt+Shift+5 Grid (4 groups)
Ctrl+[1,2,3…] Focus group
Ctrl+Shift+[1,2,3…] Move file to group

These are all the useful Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts which you can use you improve your productivity. The above lists include all the shortcuts to use the platform like a pro! If you have been using this plain text editor tool on your computer system, then this article is worth a bookmark for you!

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