Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins

If you re a professional coder, a developer or a programmer working on the computer system, then you must have heard about the Sublime Text tool. It is the most popular text editor or we can say code editor software which is available for all the PC systems. If you are already using this platform, then the list of the Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins is here for you.

Sublime Text 3 is the latest version of the original Sublime Text editor software. With a newer version, the software adds more functionality of the third-party developers. Thankfully, we have hundreds of Sublime Text 3 Plugins available with us to give developers the most of this platform.

Sublime Text 3 Editor is known for its faster speed, simplicity and easy-to-use interface. You can also make use of the Best Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts to use the different shortcuts while creating codes for a particular project. If you are curious to know about the supported plugins which are highly useful, then here’s the list of the Best Sublime Text 3 editor.

10 Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins


Emmet is one of the most popular Sublime Text 3 Plugin with over 4 Million downloads globally. Instead of using the JavaScript expressions, this plugin works with CSS and HTML that makes it easier for the users to work and generate the desired codes quickly.

It lets you add codes via Snippets that makes the entire process much faster for the programmers. This plugin requires some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Install Emmet Plugin

2. Alignment

Sublime Text 3 allows coders and programmers to write down codes in different computer languages such as JavaScript, CSS, PHP etc. Now, this Alignment plugin for Sublime Text 3 editor lets you align your codes quickly. You just need to select the text lines and then use this plugin to align the codes.

It’s really hard to align hundreds and thousands of code lines manually one by one within the text editor.

Install Alignment Plugin

3. Advanced New File

This small tool lets you create new files faster. Of course, we can use the folders and menus to add new files in the main coding page but the process is a bit time-consuming. If you work on a project that needs to be finished within the deadline and this Advanced New File plugin is like a life-saver for you.

Just open the prompt with a shortcut super+ alt+ n and add path name. Click Enter button to fetch that file. The same shortcut helps you to preview the available files in your system that you want to include on the main page.

Install Advanced New File

4. GitGutter

Sidebar Gutter helps the programmers to add hints for the testers so that the testers can easily understand the actual meaning or any suggestions provided by the developers or programmers while working on a project.

GitGutter plugin allows programmers to add hints or mark up the codes with a source link. You can use this plugin to compare your files within the main coding page. The same plugin lets you copy different contents, preview changes and see the suggestions and hints easily.

Install GitGutter Plugin

5. Package Control

If you are a regular user of the Sublime Text 3 tool, then the Package Control Plugin is the most essential plugin for you. The Package Control Plugin lets you easily install, view, download, update plugins and packages in the Sublime Text. This powerful plugin is simple and straightforward and works well for the codes to find out and install packages quickly.

The Package Control Plugin or subsidiary Sublime Text 3 editor includes the packages of different plugins and files within your hands-reach.

Install Package Control Plugin

6. ColorPicker

Colors play an important role in the coding where codes and programmers can type in their codes in different colors. This plugin makes it easier for the developers to adjust colors of the codes.

Once you install the Plugin, you will have access to picking up the right colors using the Color Wheels. Hundreds and thousands of color codes will be presented in front of you to pick the suitable option for you. The same plugin is compatible with Windows and Mac systems and you can use the Shortcuts to bring the ColorPicker’s Wheel on your Screen.

Install ColorPicker Plugin

7. DocBlockr

DockBlockr is yet another essential tool available for the professional codes who are using the Sublime Text 3 editor. This tool makes the tedious task of documenting and annotating your codes easy by providing a straightforward and streamlined functionality.

The tool lets users add basic documents, parsing of functions, paraments and other elements included in the code lines. Once you install this plugin, you just need to type the code with “/**”, the rest will be handled by this plugin. The tool works well with all types of computer languages.

Install DocBlockr Plugin

8. Terminal

Terminal is yet another useful plugin for the Sublime Text 3 users. This plugin helps you to open the Terminals directly from the page where you are currently working. You don’t need to close down the current Window or launch any other tool on the computer system.

Terminal sits on the list of the best plugins of the year for the Sublime Text 3 users. This plugin is also considered as a productivity booster as it saves you a lot of time and gives you enough time to work on the main coding side of your project.

Install Terminal Plugin

9. Side Bar Enhancements

Side Bar Enhancements is a great tool for the coders to view the files and other things listed in the sidebar panel of the main Window. We often see the side bar of the editor tool with a lot of texts, sources etc.

When you use this plugin, the plugin will provide over 20 options by right clicking on to it. As per your needs, you can pick the suitable option to adjust the side bar. A set of useful options will help you to manage the gutter of the sidebar where things will be properly streamlined.

Install Side Bar Enhancement Plugin

10. Sublime Linter

Sublime Linter is an essential plugin for codes and programmers who work as a team for a particular project. This plugin takes care of each team member by providing a proper framework to all of them for the project they are currently working on!

This plugin has been updated with a couple of new features which are quite useful. This plugin allows the coders to choose and install the required linters only. You don’t need to open the entire package or search for the required linters as this plugin finds out the most useful and previously used linters on your screen.

Install Sublime Linter Plugin


That’s all we have compiled for all the Sublime Text 3 users. The pro users of this tool already know which plugins are good and suitable. But if you are a new user who has just started using this tool, then the above-listed plugins are there to help you improve your productivity level by coding faster.

The above list includes all types of useful plugins which are there to help you work faster and smarter on your project. Follow the list, get the details and install the suitable plugins now!

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