Best Gaming Keyboards to Buy in 2020 [Updated] – Comprehensive Buying Guide

It is very important to have all the best equipment to experience the best gaming experience. And if you want to have that experience on your PC, the issue becomes even more critical. But here we are not going to talk about gaming monitors or mouse but keyboards. Having a keyboard that is comfortable is essential, and the modern age gamers realize that fact. You won’t like your keyboard to be late at responding at crucial moments in the game. Definitely, a gaming keyboard will make your experience smooth and even more enjoyable and that is why we are here with the best gaming keyboard that you should buy in 2018.

There is a reason why standard keyboards can not be used for heavy gaming. They are fine when used for office and other business work, but they lack the desired precision and speed that is one of the key features of gaming keyboards. Unlike business or cheap keyboards, the build quality of gaming keyboards is very good offering all the main controls in your reach at your fingertips. There is backlighting on the keyboard so that you can play even in dark rooms.

There are many other things as well because of which you should get a mechanical gaming keyboard for you. But with so many choices at hand, it becomes really difficult to select the best one and the one which satisfies all your requirements of comfort and design. This is why we have brought you some of the best gaming keyboards, to help you narrow down your lookup list.

Best Gaming Keyboards That You Must Buy In 2020

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Gaming KeyboardIf this is not the first time you are buying the gaming keyboards, you would be knowing this brand. Corsair not only manufactures keyboards but also gaming mouse, memory, cases as well as PSUs. In Corsair K95 RGB Platinum offers you supreme build quality. For super fast actuation, you get the Cherry MX Mechanical Switches along with aircraft-grade aluminum brushed chassis and another frame. The aluminum makes it lightweight as well as strong, perfect for rough use.

One best feature of this keyboard is that each and every button in the keyboard Is backlit and the player can program it to appear in any color that he or she wants. This is a very rare feature which not all gaming keyboards offer. There are 18 macro keys and 16.8 million color combos. The Corsair Utility Engine is the dashboard that the players get for customizing them. Using it one can send a wave of colors or change color on keystroke.

The company offers you three builds which are available as The Cherry MX Speed (Gunmetal), the Cherry MX RGB (Brown) and the Cherry MX Speed (Black build). The keyboard is available for $199.99.

2. G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB Gaming Keyboard

G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Skill is the second gaming keyboard that we would like to recommend to all the gamers out there. The keyboard features an eccentric design with a metal plate on the front, metal rails as well as braided cables. You might find the metal rails annoying in the beginning but they are of great help while lifting the keyboard.

However, some of the players might not be happy with the poorly dim backlit that it offers. Sometimes, you might even find difficulty in playing in a dark room as well. But that problem is overcome by the textured keypad for keys Q,W,E,R,A,D,S,C,G and F. Also the textured buttons are kind of angled so that the player gets better ergonomics during gaming.

There are some macro keys included in the keyboard as well along with some media keys for controlling your PC media. Other things include a mouse bungee, a LED strip for displaying the volume level, a detachable wrist rest (really comfortable and easy to clean), etc. However, the keyboard is budget-friendly when compared to the previous gaming keyboard, and one can get it on Amazon just for $140.

3. Roccat Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard is another best keyboard that misses the first stop by a few points. Everything in this keyboard is perfect and the only drawback with it is that you get only one backlit option, i.e. blue and the wrist rest in the keyboard is non-removable. However, all other features are top-notch and if backlit color and wrist rest doesn’t matter much to you, you should definitely consider looking at it before making the final decision.

The keyboard comes with good memory for customization. The 32-bit ARM Cortex processor along with 2 MB memory handles it very easily. There are eight macro keys that are dedicated to customization. But that does not limit you and the player can set it up for any letter key in the keyboard for directly executing complex commands. The special N-key rollover feature registers all the keys that you press on the keyboard, even if you press all of them at once again and again. This anti-ghosting feature is something that you don’t get in every other gaming keyboard. The Roccat Ryos MK Pro Gaming Keyboard is available on Amazon for $132.

4. Thermaltake Poseidon Z Gaming Keyboard

Thermaltake Poseidon Z Gaming Keyboard

Thermaltake Poseidon Z is not a new keyboard and has been on the market for around 2 years. It looks like a simple keyboard but still is amongst the popular gaming keyboard that one can get.

We found it good to have a numeric pad on the side. The blue backlit is warm to the eyes and do not hurt them in darkness. Instead of Cherry MX, you will find Kailh switches, but you won’t find much difference.

The keyboard comes in two colors, blue and brown. Based on our testing and feedback from the users, the Blue version is best for typing but is loud sometimes. On the other hand, the brown version is not that better in reach but is extremely quite.

The keyboard is made up of durable plastic and is quite sturdy as well. It is solid with a logo on the top and etched on the spacebar as well. It is one of the best options that you should go with if you are tight on budget. You can get Thermaltake Poseidon Z keyboard on Amazon just for $65.

5. Ducky Shine 6 SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Ducky Shine 6 SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It is possible that many of you might not have heard this name before. It is not a common brand but the Shine 6 SE Mechanical keyboard from Ducky is the best gaming keyboard you can get your hand on. Not only this, there are many other options from the company that you can go for as well. The Sucky Shine 6 SE Keyboard is available just for $163, and this is one of the sturdiest gaming keyboards you can get at such price.

If you are looking for a keyboard with media keys or G-keys, you might get disappointed. But, once you start using it, you can feel the quality build, the beautiful programmable keyboard LEDs, and the Cherry MX switches. However, you will have to pay $30 more for the Cherry MX switches.

6. Turtle Beach Impact 100 Gaming Keyboard – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

Turtle Beach Impact 100 Gaming Keyboard

Not many of us want all the fancy extras in a gaming keyboard. And this keyboard can be availed at a cheap price as well. These king of gaming keyboard fall under the budget-friendly gaming keyboard category and lack things like mechanical keys or programmable backlit LEDs, but still, are able to offer superb quality and comfort at affordable price. Turtle Beach Impact is one such gaming keyboard doesn’t feature all these features but feels really good, comfortable and precise when compared to any other membrane keyboard.

Gamers prefer a mechanical keyboard over membranes because they are way more sensitive than normal ones which require a full press. But that was past, and the new keyboards implement new tech which makes them almost sensitive as mechanical keys. So, if you are looking for a cheap keyboard that you can use for gaming as well as personal use, Turtle Beach impact is one good choice. You can get this keyboard on Amazon just for $23.

7. Delux T9 Mini Gaming Keyboard – Best Portable Gaming Laptop

Delux T9 Mini Gaming Keyboard

Not all gaming keyboards are of the size of a keyboard. Our sentence may confuse you but it is true. The Delux T9 Mini keyboard is a gaming keyboard kind of square in shape. If you look, there are only a few buttons that are used by gamers. This small keyboard offers only those keys to you. And that is why it is so small as well as portable for the gamers. Also, it is perfect for people who play FPS games. The Delux T9 Mini Gaming keyboard has all the keys that your left hand would require as a gamer.

All these keys are in reach, which makes the keyboard small and also very light. You can use the keyboard with both left as well as right hand, but you can use only one hand at a time to operate the keyboard. It is really very difficult to play games that are fully dependent on keyboard input like Football. But there are gamers who are even able to do that very easily. There are no macro buttons in the keyboard and a lot of normal letters are also missing. You can not type any kind of sentence from this keyboard since it does not possess letter keys. Obviously, this keyboard is fully dedicated to gaming and nothing else. It is cheaper when compared to big gaming keyboards, it is easy to carry it anywhere and gets all your work done at a very cheap rate. The Delux T9 Mini gaming keyboard is available on Amazon for $27.

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