Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools 2020

Being a blogger, it’s your sole responsibility to deliver plagiarism free contents. Your reputation is staked on how genuine your article is. But as web pages are initiated on a daily basis, digital duplication is something that has spread its leg widely.

When you hire a third party or raw writer then there are chances for spun contents. To solve this issue we have summed Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for 2020.

Enjoy this list of free plagiarism detectors that will surely solve your concern. But before we start you need to know what plagiarism is and why it is bad for search engines. Let’s begin!

What is Plagiarism?

If you copy and paste someone else’s original content in your name, it is illicit as it is without the consent of the authorized person. Even if you don’t provide credit to that person while mentioning his publication and show it as yours. It is known as plagiarism or plagiarized content.

It affects the SEO optimization as search engines do not count them. To save yourself from this dreadful situation we have listed some good free plagiarism detecting tools that will check your article in few seconds and provide you a detailed report on it.

**Note: The list mentioned is the latest free anti-plagiarism software and proofreaders. However, some of the free versions also offer paid services that are worth every penny. Hence, you can choose as per your preference.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools 2020

1. Grammarly

This one locked its place on the top of this list.  It is one of the best plagiarism checking tools which is highly impressive. However, its paid edition is only available. It is trusted by famous universities like Stanford, Berkeley and Michigan University.

Grammarly is surely your cup of tea if you are looking for an instant checking authentic tool. It has a database of about 16 billion pages that goes through each and every sentence of your editorial.

You can check many types of documents like a business, formal or informal, essay, creative content and many more. It also offers you to check 400 plus grammar mistakes on the go. That is brilliant for making your data a masterpiece.

Price: It is paid software that will cost you about $11.66/ annual subscription. But trust me you won’t regret it bagging.  However, for grammar checking, you just need to sign up for free.


• It is both plagiarism and grammar checking tool.

• It can find copied content from 16 billion web pages.

• Most efficient and reliable checking tool that is used worldwide.

• Handy and simple user interface.


• You need to pay for using it.

• You cannot test a URL web page.


Visit Grammarly


2.    Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker:

Small SEO tool is decent online software that offers you to check your content authenticity. You can either upload a document or copy paste it in the given box. Words limits should not exceed from 1000 words. It highlights the matching sources and phrases so that you can change them.

Price: Free


• Provides SEO friendly articles

• Totally free

• Also have other features like grammar checking, article rewriting and spell checking.

• You can check a document via uploading it.

• Check an URL page


• Word limit up to 1000 words

3.    Plagiarism Checker X

This tool carries in-depth checking of your data with providing highest accuracy. It is also used by many universities of USA, UK, Germany, etc. Without any word limit issue, you can perform a bulk check.

Price: It offers you both free and paid versions.


• Easy user interface

• Convenient plagiarism detection

• Scans URL webpage

• Can be used in 7 languages

• When used premium version there is no words limit


• Downloading software is must for its usage.

4.    Unicheck/Unplag

The name itself says Unplag i.e. plagiarism free checking tool. It allows you to check documents through sixteen billion sources. You can either copy paste or upload your document. It is a quick tool with little limitations.

No need to sign up for free checking. It provides limited free scans only up to 500 words. It supports different types of files and can be accessed in different languages like Spanish, German, French, Russian, English, Greek, Turkish etc.

It is encrypted with safety protocols hence all your data is safe. Save money by choosing its paid version if you are a regular user like blogger or writer.

Price: Free and Paid


• Supports multiple languages

• Upload files like DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML, PDF, ZIP etc.

• It is powered via Yahoo and Bing

• Vast database searching from around 16 billion pages

• Budget friendly pricing

• Live chat and online assistance is provided for help


• Free users can only scan up to 500 words at a time.

• No free document comparing can be done

• Documents can’t be checked via uploading URL

• No extension in a web browser or mobile available

5.    Copyscape

Another a time saving decent gizmo for all the writers. Post the URL page or copy pastes your content and it will show all the matching phrases and sentences by highlighting them. The best things about this tool are it is easy and you can use it without signing up.

Price: Free and Paid


• Free warning banners

• API integration available

• Highlights the copied or matched source text wise.

• URL page scanning also available


• Difficult pricing structure

• No offline scans

6.    Plagiarisma

It is multipurpose software that can check grammar, rewrite articles and scan your texts. Whatever your profession is, whether you are a teacher, student, writer or a blogger it will serve your rationale.

Price: Free and Premium Plans


• It supports many files like TXT, HTML, DOC, XLS, XSLT etc

• It supports190 plus languages

• Provides free warning banners

• Pocket-friendly premium version available


• Only for Windows users. No app is available for Mac and iOS users.

• Slow scanning

• Limited free checks

7. Plagscan

This tool is apt for business as well as education. It has a large index base that is why it is chosen by many professionals. It highlights the matching text and shows alternate options of the same.

Price: Free and Premium versions both are available. For scanning 6500 words you need to pay a minimal cost of $5.99.


• Warning banners

• Integration through API

• All language supported

• Quick and accurate scanning

• Scanning via copy paste or URL


• The paid version is bit expensive

• Free trail checking is limited up to 20 credits only.

8. Plagiarism Check.Org

If you looking for a free piracy detecting tool on the internet on which you can rely totally, this one for you. Just copy paste the content and get it checked. It provides you similar searching’s as search engines like Google and Yahoo. Suppose the same source is available in them it will provide you the links.

Price: Free and Premium ($5.99 monthly)


• Good for authors, students, teachers, and bloggers.

• Improved algorithms, unlimited text length, interactive results etc.

• Attach files or copy paste content.

• Supports TXT, DOC, ODT, PDF, RDF, and DOCX.


• Need to sign up

• Limited free trails.

9. Pro Papers Plagiarism Checker

If you deal with lengthy contents Pro Papers Checker is a tool you should try a hand on. Copy Paste your article in the search box and get it checked. It will show the percentage of plagiarism found in your content and will highlight those text. If you want high-end services, obtain its paid edition at competitive prices.

Price: Free and Paid


• Highlights the matched sources and shows the percentage of plagiarism present in the context.

• Good for long essay type content checking.

• Free of charge. Paid versions are available at nominal charges.


• The similarity of text is shown percentage wise which is quite confusing.

• For accuracy, you need to get a paid version.

10. Plagium

The last on this list is Plagium (plagiarism checker and plagiarism detection tool). This quick and easy tool helps you scan editorial in no time. 5000 words article can be checked at one time. Thus it’s very useful for checking essays, business documents, and thesis.

Price: Free and For Premium category pay $0.08 Dollar per page


• Without signing check duplication.

• In-depth scanning is done

• Budgeted paid version

• You can check URL as well as bulk pages


• At once a document of 5ooo words can be checked.

• No add on the extension in a web browser.

• The pricing structure is a little hard to understand.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Free Plagiarism Check for 2020?

“Let the best man win” this phrase stands upright and needs to be understood by every professional. It’s depressing to see others grade being stolen.  Sometimes you are unaware and mistakes happen. To correct them get elegant software so that you avoid embarrassing situations.

If you are a blogger or a content writer, it’s compulsory for you to generate a fresh piece of your writing so that it is SEO friendly and gripping. If you don’t want to pay for a plagiarism checking tool and want it to be efficient and precise. Pick one from the above listing.  For this, you simply need to copy paste your written text and your job are done.

We recommend Unicheck/ Unplag and Small SEO Tools if you are looking for free plagiarism checking software. Else, Grammarly is one of the finest paid software that is authentic and globally acknowledged.

If you are using some other plagiarism detecting tool and it is working well for you, do share with us. Your valuable suggestions and queries are always welcome.

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