Best Firefox AddOns 2020 – The Ultimate List

Google has acquired the entire web-world with a set of their tools and applications designed for the web users. If we talk about the web browsers, Google Chrome is everyone’s favorite PC web browser and almost every PC user is using this application to surf different websites. However, we should not forget the most reliable and faster alternative to Google Chrome i.e. Mozilla Firefox. If you are still using this browser, then here we have compiled a list of best Firefox AddOns 2020 for you. The refreshed list of the best AddOns for Firefox will enhance your web surf experience.


Mozilla Firefox is still known as one of the fastest and more reliable web browsers compared to Google’s Chrome and other web browsers available. Google Chrome is indeed the best one; however, it occupies extra memory of your system and uses a lot of CPU power. People who spend most of their time on the PCs love to use the Mozilla Firefox browser on their systems.

If you are searching for some useful extensions or AddOns for the Firefox browser, then here we have reviewed the best and highly rated Firefox AddOns to improve your work productivity and enhance your web experience. Let’s get on to the list now!

Best Firefox AddOns 2020- The Ultimate List

1. Grammarly for Firefox

Grammarly is excellent and must have plugin or AddOn for your Firefox web browser. This extension is globally popular and is now available for all web browsers. This tool is designed to improve your grammar and helps you to make better communication.

The tool comes with handy features that allow you to correct the grammatical errors. As you type something, Grammarly AddOn will reflect the errors. The tool makes sure that your messages, social media posts, and documents are error-free.

Once you add this extension to your Firefox browser, the tool helps you in correcting your spellings and grammar mistakes. It will leave a good impact on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms’ update. The tool is very advanced and it comes with suggestions to correct your mistakes. Once you hover over the cursor to the redlined spelling, you will see suggestions to fix that particular error.

Grammarly for Firefox comes with plenty of useful features to make your web-experience more reliable and error-free. The extension is available with two different versions, free and premium. For testing purpose, you can get the free version of this tool. However, you can also grab the premium version which comes with even more useful features. Let’s check out the list of its features.

Grammarly for Firefox- Key Features

  • Built-in Contextual Spelling Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Enhances your web-experience
  • Corrects your web posting easily
  • Smooth interface with auto-spell-checker
  • Real-time suggestions to fix the errors

You can get the Grammarly AddOn for Firefox web browser from the following link.

Download Grammarly for Firefox

2. LastPass Password Manager for Firefox

In today’s web-world, people are using different types of websites and social media networks. It is difficult for users to remember their Passwords for different profiles created on multiple social media platforms and other websites. If you are searching for a solution to remember your passwords, then LastPass is the best tool available for you to use on your Firefox browser.

LastPass Password Management for Firefox offers a worry-free web-experience. This AddOn saves your passwords automatically and gives you secure access to the passwords saved on the tool. This tool is compatible to work on the Computers and Mobile devices.

The tool comes with a lot of additional features to make your web-experience smoother. The tool remembers your passwords and you can log in to different platforms with just one click. The same tool suggests strong passwords which you can use to secure your accounts. This Password Manager tool has over 10 Million users, and you too can be a part of its large community by installing it on your Firefox browser as an AddOn. Let’s get on to the list of its features first.

LastPass Password Manager for Firefox- Key Features

  • Easy to use AddOn with a decent interface
  • Save, encrypt and backup all of your passwords automatically
  • Sync your data on multiple platforms and browsers
  • Secure offline data of your Passwords which works without the Internet connection
  • Save everything to improve your productivity
  • Manage your passwords and logins with one strong password only

You can get the LastPass Password Manager AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download LastPass Password Manager for Firefox

3. Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox

Evernote is undoubtedly the most useful and productive tool cum application available for all the platforms. Evernote is widely used on different PC systems and mobile platforms. It can also be used with its online web portal. Fortunately, Evernote has its AddOn for Firefox users named with Evernote Web Clipper.

The Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox comes with a set of limited yet highly useful features for the web users. The app allows you to collect the best of the web while surfing different websites using the Firefox browser.

This web clipper comes with an easy to use functions where you will be able to clip the pages and the clipped pages will be saved to Evernote’s platform. The same AddOn helps you to share the saved pages instantly with other users with a quick share button. This AddOn is there to improve your productivity and allows you to make the best of web surfing. Let’s check out the Key features of this AddOn.

Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox – Key Features

  • Save web pages quickly
  • Organise the saved items on the Evernote platform
  • Quick sync feature syncs with other devices
  • You can clip the entire article or just a selected part
  • The AddOn lets you save images of the web pages as well
  • Save PDFs of the pages saved on the Evernote platform
  • Annotate screenshots with text, arrows, stamps, and shapes
  • Share your pages to different users using the quick share button
  • Quick share your posts and pages on various social media networks

You can get the Evernote Web Clipper AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox

4. AdBlock Plus for Firefox

Get annoyed with the video ads and pop-up ads while surfing the web through Mozilla Firefox web browser? If your answer is yes, then you can now block down all those annoying video and pop-up and other banner ads with the AdBlock Plus AddOn which is available for the Firefox browser.

This AddOn is very easy and will work for your browser automatically. Once you add this AddOn to your browser, it will not require anything else. After installing the AddOn, it will work automatically on the browser and block down all the advertisements from all the websites.

The AddOn is designed to give you full control over the web and lets you explore the websites the way you want. You can keep the ads enabled for some websites. You can customise this AddOn and its functionality to work for you while surfing the web. You can customise the filters with a variety of features. Fortunately, the developers have released a new version of AdBlock Plus and you will get all the updated features with this AdBlock Plus for Firefox AddOn. Let’s check out some useful features of this AddOn.

AdBlock Plus for Firefox- Key Features

  • A simple and intuitive user interface for everyone
  • Advanced security feature blocks malware and tracking of your web-surfing
  • It also blocks social media buttons from different sites
  • Block down all types of videos and banner ads from the websites
  • Custom filter for blocking websites
  • Easy assistance for blocking pop-up ads and more

You can get the AdBlock Plus AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download AdBlock Plus for Firefox

5. Gmail Notifier for Firefox 

Google Mail’s popular application Gmail Notifier is now available as an extension. This WebExtension is available for both, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is one of the most productive AddOns available for the Firefox users to stay updated with their emails.  

This AddOn lets you use and customise your Gmail account without the need of the credentials. The AddOn works automatically for you and notifies you every time you receive a new email or notification on your Gmail.  

Moreover, this Gmail Notifier AddOn now supports multiple accounts. You can use multiple accounts of Gmail on this AddOn to get notifications together. This AddOn is designed with the latest RSS Technology which requires very less bandwidth of your Internet.  

With the browser’s built-in toolbar, this AddOn lets you mark, spam, delete emails easily. You don’t need to open Gmail on your Firefox browser as soon as you have installed this AddOn there. The AddOn works smartly and allows you to do whatever you want to do right from the Toolbar. Let’s check out the list of useful features of this AddOn.  

Gmail Notifier for Firefox- Key Features 

  • Easy to use Addon to improve your web productivity 
  • Simple interface with useful sections 
  • A user can mark, spam, delete, read emails through Toolbar 
  • Supports multiple accounts 
  • Supports multiple labels  
  • Receive unread message notifications of your Gmail account  

You can get the Gmail Notifier Addon for Firefox Web browser from the following link. 

Download Gmail Notifier for Firefox 

6. Amazon Assistant for Firefox  

Amazon Assistant is an official AddOn for Mozilla Firefox web browser. This AddOn helps you to make better shopping experience from your favorite Amazon store. If you love shopping with Amazon and looking for a way to simplify your shopping experience, then Amazon Assistant is a must-have AddOn for your browser.  

This AddOn works as your personal assistant to make the perfect decision on purchasing the things that you like. The extension lets you compare products with related products. You can pick the right and affordable product from Amazon using this AddOn.  

Moreover, the Assistant also works great for you to get you the best deals. It also shows you the best of deals and offers available on the platform. You can explore the latest deals right from the AddOn and can even compare the pricing with other related products without opening its website.  

The AddOn never lets you miss out any deal that is currently live on the Amazon. You will get a notification on while surfing on the Firefox browser. You can also explore new deals from the daily deals page using the same AddOn. With just one click, you can get the details of the orders that you have ordered online. You will also receive notifications about the shipping and other details of your orders from the AddOn. Here we have listed down the useful features of this AddOn.  

Amazon Assistant for Firefox- Key Features 

  • Helps you make better shopping experience on Amazon 
  • Compare the products while browsing  
  • Shows you best Amazon offers and live deals 
  • Get notified on live deals 
  • Explore daily deals every day using the AddOn 
  • Get updates about your orders and information about the items you have ordered online 

You can get the Gmail Notifier AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.  

Download Amazon Assistant for Firefox 

7. Disconnect for Firefox  

If you are searching for an AddOn to make your web browsing experience super faster and secure, then Disconnect is the best AddOn available for your Firefox browser. This is one of the most productive AddOns which comes with a set of advanced features to make your web-surfing experience more reliable.  

This website offers more security while you are surfing different types of websites. It filters your web surfing experience and tracks down the websites which are fetching your information. The AddOn loads your websites 44% faster than normal speed. It also occupies less bandwidth while surfing different websites. 

This AddOn is designed to make you and your sensitive information secured while working on the Firefox browser. It detects and blocks hundreds of websites simultaneously which are tracking your web history and other information of your accounts.  

You will get proper details about the websites, advertisements, social networks and other contents which can be harmful for you. The AddOn will ask you what to do with such websites and as per your command, it will work for you. It’s a must-have tool for every Firefox users. Here are some useful features of this tool.  

Disconnect for Firefox- Key Features 

  • Visualise and block invisible websites that track your web history 
  • Improves the speed of your website 
  • Saves up to 39% bandwidth by blocking ads and websites 
  • Stop tracking of thousands of websites in real-time 
  • A user can see all the required information by clicking on its icon  
  • Offers more security to your web-surfing  
  • Open source and free of cost 

You can get the Disconnect AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link. 

Download Disconnect for Firefox  

8. iMacros for Firefox

iMacros for Firefox is a popular AddOn for Firefox web browser users. If you get tired of typing the same website URLs and filling up different forms with the same details and information, then this AddOn designed for you. This AddOn improves your web productivity for the repetitious of the tasks. You don’t need to type in the same details again and again as soon as you have this AddOn installed on your Firefox browser.

If you have any activity that you want to repeat in the future, you just need to record that activity in the iMacros AddOn. The next time you want to do the same task, just click on the iMacros’ AddOn and the page will be presented right in front of you. It doesn’t take loading time and the recorded webpage or activity will be done in a couple of seconds.

Apart from this, with this AddOn, you can also fill in different web forms quickly. You don’t need to type in and enter your personal details, again and again, just record the activity on iMacros and you’ll be done. Next time, you want to fill in the form, just click the iMacros and the form will be filled up with the stored information quickly.

This AddOn is designed for both, personal and business profiles. You can keep it safe and secure with your login credentials. It is also a very useful tool for web designers who can record various activities and this AddOn will do different tasks for the developers quickly. This AddOn actually saves a lot of time and money of the web user. It’s a must-have AddOn for the Firefox users who spend most of their time on the computers. Here we have compiled a list of its useful features.

iMacros for Firefox- Key Features

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • A User can record multiple activities for the repetitious tasks
  • The AddOn works automatically to launch the recorded web pages and activities for you
  • You can use this AddOn for auto-filling the forms available on different websites
  • Suitable for both, business and personal profiles
  • Saves a lot of time and money for the Firefox users
  • Comes with support for password encryption to secure your accounts
  • Available for free of cost

You can get the iMacros AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download iMacros for Firefox

9. Ghostery for Firefox

Ghostery is a powerful AddOn for Firefox web browser. The AddOn is designed to offer cleaner, faster and secure web surfing through Firefox browser. If you are worried about the security of your web-browsing history and information stored on various platforms, then Ghostery is the must have AddOn for you.

This AddOn comes with a lot of useful tools which are there to improve your productivity. It has a built-in ad-blocker tool which blocks annoying advertisements from different websites. You can focus on the content and will not be interrupted with the annoying ads.

Aside from this, it tracks down invisible websites which are tracking your information. A user can control such websites by blocking them for future. Your information and stored data will be absolutely safe and you can surf the web freely. Since the tool blocks down advertisements and such invisible websites, it ultimately speeds up web surfing.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of customisable features to customise the dashboard and the display as per your requirements. This lets you setup things which are useful to you and you will not see any unwanted sections on the tool.

With an advanced Settings menu, a user can set up things as per his requirements. The saved settings can be adjusted and changed anytime you want. It’s a very good tool to have a cleaner, faster and safer web surfing experience. Check out the list of all the useful features of this AddOn.

Ghostery for Firefox- Key Features

  • Blocks annoying video, banner and pop-up ads with a built-in Ad-blocker tool
  • Investigate invisible websites and blocks them down
  • Offers faster web surfing speed
  • Simple and easy to use tools and features
  • Customisable Dashboard and display designs
  • Default Settings Menu with customisable options
  • Available for free

You can get the Ghostery AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download Ghostery for Firefox

10. OneNote Web Clipper for Firefox

OneNote Web Clipper is your personal note taking AddOn for Firefox browser. This tool lets you save anything from the web to a personalised platform. The tool lets you quickly capture the web-pages while you surf on the Firefox browser. The user can then edit, annotate and share it with different users right from the same page.

You are allowed to reduce the clutter by capturing the useful part from the webpage. The tool comes with auto sync feature allowing you to sync the same page on different platforms such as Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones. The saved items can be easily accessed from any platform using the same login credentials for the OneNote app.

Unlike other note-taking apps, this AddOn comes with a list of smart features which are there to reduce the clutter. It will show you the preview of that web page that you want to save to the board. You can then edit the page or can share it with other users by clicking on to the Share button. Let’s check out the useful features of this AddOn.

OneNote Web Clipper for Firefox- Key Features

  • Quickly captures any web pages
  • A user can easily edit, annotate and share the saved pages
  • Reduce the clutter by capturing the useful part of the article or webpage
  • Clipping mode with preview before saving
  • Customise your clip with useful tools and options
  • Auto sync with other platforms such as computer, tablet and mobile phones

You can get the OneNote Web Clipper AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download OneNote Web Clipper for Firefox

11. Google Translator for Firefox

Google Translator AddOn is one of the most powerful and useful tool for the web users who are surfing different types of websites of different regions of the world. You might have used the Google Translator’s web portal; however, this AddOn is simply awesome as it works smartly for you. It saves a lot of time and you will enjoy your web surfing hassle-free.

By default, the AddOn has English as its native language which means, the translator will translate the given pages into English language. You can also change the default language by clicking on to the Settings option. You can select the text and right click on the option to translate the web page.

The AddOn lets you select around 1100 words to translate at a time. Make sure you select the same number of words for translating while using this AddOn. The Translator AddOn supports a number of languages such as Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Turkish. You can find out more about its features from the following list.

Google Translator for Firefox- Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use AddOn
  • Always active for you to translate
  • A User can translate up to 1100 words at a time
  • Translates selected portion of the page quickly
  • A User can also set up the default language
  • Supports multiple languages for translation
  • Available for free to use

You can get the Google Translator AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download Google Translator for Firefox

12. ColorZilla for Firefox

If you are a designer or animator and working on the Firefox browser for your different projects, then ColorZilla is the best AddOn available for you. It’s a color reader AddOn designed to let the users read the color from the websites. The tool lets you pick the color code which can be adjusted on the other tool or project that you are currently working on.

The tool comes with all the useful features to make the color picking process easier. You can make use of the eyedropper, advanced color picker, CSS gradient generator and many other useful tools right from this one single AddOn. The AddOn costs you nothing and you will get all the advantages of it for free while working on a Firefox browser.

It supports numerous Keyboard shortcuts and allows you to copy and paste various things from one page to another. It works smartly on the browser without any interruptions. Following list of its features will give you more information about this tool.

ColorZilla for Firefox- Key Features

  • Get the color of any pixel using built-in Eyedropper tool
  • Advanced CSS gradient generator
  • Photoshop’s Color Picker tool
  • Get a color pallet using Color analyzer
  • See the history of recently used colors
  • Auto copy colors picked by you from this tool to the Clipboard
  • Numerous Keyboard Shortcuts

You can get the ColorZilla AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download ColorZilla for Firefox

13. Social Fixer for Firefox

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular and most loved Social Media platform available with uncountable number of its users around the globe. If you are searching for a way to enhance your Facebook surfing experience, then Social Fixer AddOn is now available for Firefox users.

This AddOn is filled with the must-required features to make your Facebook surfing experience smooth and secure. It lets you filter your posts, photos, content, author, links and URL. The tool also comes with a number of predefined features for blocking sponsored posts, advertisements and much more from the Facebook Feed.

It also hides the post that you have already visited or seen. They will be removed from the feed and you will not see them again and again. Comment navigator, stealth mode and many other built-in tools cum features are available to use from this AddOn using Firefox browser. Know what’s new in this AddOn by following the list of its features listed below.

Social Fixer for Firefox- Key Features

  • Filter feature lets you filter the posts, photos, URLs, links and much more
  • Access to pre-defined filters to block annoying ads and sponsored posts
  • Auto hide tool hides the posts that you have already seen
  • Force FB to show you the most recent posts only
  • Hide parts from the feed which you don’t want to see
  • Stealth mode for removing buttons of like, comments, share etc.
  • Take screenshots anonymously with just one click and much more.

You can get the Social Fixer AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download Social Fixer for Firefox

14. RescueTime for Firefox

RescueTime is one of the most useful and highly recommended tool for the web users who spend most of their time on the computers. If you are using a Firefox browser to surf the websites, then you must use the RescueTime AddOn to save your life from the Internet. This tool actually helps you to spend productive time on the Internet.

It shows you a clear picture of time that you have spend on the browser. The tool works automatically and it also recognizes your activities while you surf the webpages. The tool creates a list of websites that you have visited frequently in a day. It will also prepare a scale of the websites and will give you more information about the time you have spent on those websites.

The tool makes it easier for you to check what you have done throughout the day. The next time, you will be more careful while surfing the web. This tool actually saves you a lot of time and you will become more productive day by day. It’s a must-have tool if you want to be a little more productive with your work. Check out the list of its features listed below.

RescueTime for Firefox- Key Features

  • Tracks the time you spend on the browser
  • Creates a report of the websites you surfed most
  • Gives you a clear report of the data and time that you have spent on each website
  • Works automatically for you
  • Throws good information every time
  • Constant feedback to save your time while working on the computer
  • Available for free

You can get the RescueTime AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download RescueTime for Firefox

15. New Tab Override for Firefox

New Tab Override is a useful AddOn for the Firefox users who are working on multiple tabs at the same time. It simplifies the process to work with multiple tabs and gives you the best of web-surfing experience on the Firefox browser.

This tool lets you change the New Tab’s URL as per your requirement. The latest Firefox update doesn’t allow the users to add the URL of different sites; however, this tool lets you do so. You can also use your Current page as the new tab with Settings menu.

For the new web pages and tabs, you can customise the background color and can set any color that you want as background color. User can also set the focus either on the address bar or the web page for the next action. This makes the web surfing experience much faster. It also supports a lot of Keyboard Shortcuts to open and close and working with multiple tabs using your PC’s Keyboard. Find out more about this AddOn by following the list of its features.

New Tab Override for Firefox- Key Features

  • Works for multiple tabs
  • Allows users to add any URL as new tab
  • Use current page as the new tab
  • Use any color for the background of the new webpage
  • Set the focus for the new tab either on the web address or the web page
  • Intuitive Settings menu for easy access of various features
  • Supports multiple Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Available in numerous languages
  • It costs nothing and is available for free

You can get the New Tab Override AddOn for Firefox Web browser from the following link.

Download New Tab Override for Firefox


In this competitive world, one has to be a little smart to make the most of the Web platform. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most under-rated web browser which is actually a powerhouse for the web users. If you know the overall potential of this browser, then you will never have any issues with your web surfing. Go through the above list and pick the most suitable AddOns for your Firefox browser. Depending upon your requirements, you can get the right AddOns which can improve your web productivity.

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