Gaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

The gaming industry is going rapidly with new technology inventions. It has become a multi-billion industry and showing rapid growth every single day. If we talk about the current market, publishers are earning the highest revenues from a mobile platform. Most smartphone users spend their time by playing different types of games on their big-screened devices. If you have been focusing on the new technology, then here we have compiled the list of Gaming Trends to watch out for in 2020.  Follow this list to understand what will be the future of gaming and what new technologies will be used by the developers to set a new trend.

Biggest Technology Trends in Gaming for 2020

Gaming Technology Trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence  

AI has become the most useful technology in the gaming industry. Most publishers and developers have started using Artificial Intelligence technology to explore more of the platform. The aim of working with AI technology is to improve the overall customer experience while playing the games.

In the coming year, designers and web-developers will start using more of this technology to design and produce new AI-based systems and gadgets. The same technology will be used to design new games.


Holograms Technology has been in the market for quite a few years now and in the coming year. The same technology has not made its way to the real gaming world and we would get to see Hologram Technology in the gaming industry by the year 2020. It will let users offer a Virtual Gaming platform where gamers can see and explore the real objects as a part of the gameplay.

If you know about the latest technologies, you might have seen how Hologram Technology actually works. The technology will provide a real experience with 3D objects and a realistic environment altogether. Engineers will be using multiple technologies to work with Hologram Technology in the gaming industry by the year 2020.

Mobile-friendly Technologies  

With innovations in the technology world, there are numerous smartphone manufacturers present in the market with hundreds of different types of smartphones and tablets devices. You can get all of your games to your hands using the Smartphone platform.

If you like to try your hands in the gambling in India, which has become more popular than ever thanks to the possibilities that technology offers, then there are already some platform where you can witness the best of technologies and can play online slots India on a virtual platform with the new technologies and graphical interface. The future games will be serving more of the realistic environment on a virtual platform which will serve a brand-new gaming experience.

Augmented Reality  

AR is yet another popular technology which most designers and developers have started using in the development of their new games and gadgets. People get amazed to see how Augmented Reality lets users explore the virtual world.

The same technology is highly used by many other industries and not just the gaming industry. It lets users explore the virtual world with realistic objects on a digital platform through smartphones and computers.

From the next year, designers and publishers will start using more of this technology training and simulation purposes in the gaming industry. It will also make it easier for customers to interact with each other in the simplest way.

More of 3D Moves  

3D has become the norm in every form of entertainment and not just in the gaming industry. We all like to see and explore the virtual objects in the real world with 3D technology. If we talk about the current trend, there are only a few games which are developed with 3D technology and they come with many limitations.

On the other hand, developers and designers have already started using 3D technology to develop their upcoming games. Currently, 3D compatible Glasses needed to explore the real world with the 3D compatible games. In the coming year, more games will be developed by the same technologies.

In fact, developers will try to make the games more realistic by offering a realistic environment as a part of the gameplay. Gaming studios are also actively working to develop a new experience for the realistic gaming experience. They are trying to create a gaming environment on a big screen with 3D technology which will make things look more realistic.



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