Acer R240HY Review: A Visual Treat for Your Eyes!

When it comes to monitors for your display purposes, it is important to look out for the best one in the market to suit all your requirements. The Acer R240HY model is simply a visual treat. It offers the reliability and picture quality of a high-quality IPS monitor along with the snappiness of a TN panel. All this come to you at an affordable price as well.

The Acer R240HY is a low budget monitor that offers high quality and flawless image quality with absolutely vivid and rich colors. Its long name is Acer R240HY bidx. It has a really thin frame, which is barely noticeable. This makes the model an ideal option for multi-display. In addition to the thin bezel, the monitor also has a classy design with a steady magnetic design. You could attach paperclips and other handy metallic items to this.


Acer R240HY Budget Gaming Monitor

    • 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • 8 inches screen
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 60 Hz
    • IPS panel
    • 4 ms response time
    • Brightness : 250 cd/m2
    • Contrast Ratio : 100,000,000:1
    • 7 million colors
    • Pixel pitch: 0.2745 mm
    • Ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI
    • Other ports: Headphone Jack with HDMI port
    • Refresh Rate: OC to 75 Hz

A stunning picture quality at an affordable price is what the Acer R240HY promises you. While watching movies or gaming, it delivers a vivid and lifelike viewing experience with rich colors and an impressive contrast ratio. Moreover, since it offers a rapid response rate of 4 ms, any ghosting or blurring encountered while surfing the internet, playing casual games, or watching movies, is all taken care of. Additionally, depending on the power of your graphics card, it is also possible to overclock the monitor to 75 Hz.

The IPS panel is sure to leave along with a lasting impression on whoever watches it. This will be even greater if you are used to the common TN panel monitors. The accuracy and level of the colors that appear will enhance your whole experience of playing games or watching movies.

In fact, common everyday use of your computer and monitor will also become even more pleasant and exciting. A non-reflective matte coat covers the screen. This makes sure to eliminate glaring of the light and helps you avoid the annoying reflection of sunlight.

The monitor comes with a few available presets which are optimized well for certain activities on the screen. The presets are User, ECO, Standard, Graphics, and also a Movie mode. Selecting these presets accordingly will help enhance and improve the quality of whatever you are doing on the screen. All this you get from a monitor that is highly power efficient. The Acer R240HY consumes only 19 W of power. The power consumption even reduces to 12 W in the ECO preset.

Design and Specifications

As all Acer monitors, the R240HY monitor also looks extremely stylish. The whole panel is housed in a really thin, bezel-free, and glossy black plastic casing which is around 0.25 inches. This is elevated by a ring-shaped stand which helps you tilt the panel by around 20 degrees or so. However, this ring does not allow any height manipulation, swivel movement, or easy pivoting. You could manage a tilt angle of -5 degrees to 15 degrees.

The panel is a standard 23.8 inch IPS monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is full HD. Moreover, it has a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The anti-glare screen coating compliments this particular monitor. It operates at a maximum measured brightness of 250 nits.

Along the bottom of the unit, there is a function strip that offers the 5 standard settings buttons – brightness, contrast, and others. Additionally, there is also a power switch. The panel weighs around 6.5 pounds and measures 21.3 x 7.3 x 16 inches.

The monitor comes with HDMI, DVI, and VGA input ports and also a headphone jack. However, there are no USD ports, audio peripherals, or DisplayPort input options.


The R240HYmonitor marks Acer’s entry into the arena of budget gaming monitors. There are a large number of manufacturers that offer IPS panels in this price range, but it is a totally different experience when it comes to Acer as a brand.

Acer uses an IPS panel and operates at a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It becomes difficult when you compare numbers between manufacturers. However, this monitor does have a gorgeous and amazing display.

The R240HY comes with a default refresh rate of 60 Hz. This is a fairly standard rate. What is even better is that it is possible to overclock this to a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz. This sure is a big deal to the movie watchers and hardcore gamers. An expected 4 ms response time is really good for an IPS panel that comes at this price. The tested input lag measurement is a bit higher at 9.6 ms. Again, this is much better than what you could expect at this price.


Using this gaming monitor is an experience in itself. It gives you an amazingly vivid picture which makes sure to over-deliver at this price. It ensures you deep and true blacks and bright whites. None of the gray or yellow tints is encountered, which is usually seen in other low budget gaming monitors.

The monitor offers impressive specs for the most important ones required for a gaming monitor, which are input lag, response time, and refresh rate. IPS technology has started to develop amazingly well, and this can be seen in this monitor as well. It offers low 4 ms response time and 9.6 ms input lag time. All this, combined with a 75 Hz overclocked refresh rate, offers a buttery smooth display.

Acer is quite on par with the 144 Hz monitors that offer 2 ms response time. Moreover, it costs just a fraction of the price. The 75 Hz refresh rate helps considerably in controlling screen tear situations. This is also a step up from the 60 Hz default refresh rate that is found in most monitors at this price range.

Games ​like PUBG will run super smooth on this monitor, and motion blurring is not quite noticeable. It could be found only if you are looking out for instances rather than focusing on the game.

Light bleed is the main negative performance issue that once would find with this monitor. This is a major issue found commonly with all IPS panels. Here, one could notice a glow around the edges of the screen, which is primarily concentrated in the corners. IPS panels offer better viewing angles and bolder colors because more light is allowed to pass through the panel. However, this technology causes light bleeding as a side effect.

This is primarily noticeable when viewing screens with a lot of black or other dark colors. Though this might be bothersome to some viewers, it would not cause much of a hassle. However, this model does seem to show a slightly more light bleed than the other screens.


The Acer R240HY comes with Acer’s innovative “Flicker-less Technology”. This works well to reduce the standard screen flickering. This has a good effect on your eyes, as screen flickering is the one main reason that causes strain on the eyes and eye pain when the computer is used for extended hours.

Along with the monitor, you get an included VGA cable, although you will have to purchase a DVI or HDMI cable if required.

  • Extremely stylish monitor, because of the stand that is razor thin and well designed.
  • Amazing pixel response time of 4 ms, 9.6 ms input lag, 75 Hz refresh rate (when it is over clocked)
  • Acer over-delivers on the features given the budget price range of the monitor.
  • Light bleed is more than what is found in other IPS monitors
  • Not VESA mount compatible. If required, you will need to purchase an adapter separately.



What users like about the Acer R240HY

    • IPS Panel
    • Fast Response Time
    • ComfyView Technology
    • Extensive Connectivity

The IPS panel in the R240HY gives you accurate colors that are required by professional designers. Being quite affordable, this monitor is the preferred one and ideal for editors and aspiring photographers. It offers satisfactory conditions for their work. Moreover, comfortable viewing angles are provided by the IPS panel. This allows you to watch the screen from any angle or distance without any color losing its tint.

On the other hand, TN monitors are known to have very fast 1 ms response times but this comes at the cost of viewing angles and color accuracy. As such, it is a better idea to go for an IPS monitor unless you are a hardcore gamer. Generally, IPS monitors are more expensive. However, the Acer R240HY offers high quality and color accuracy affordable to all.

Given that the Acer R240HY is a budget monitor, a quick response of 4 ms comes as a surprise for all. This is even unexpected with the fact that it has an IPS panel. Even most of the expensive IPS monitors do not offer a response time below 5 ms. Additionally, the measured input lag is only 9.5 milliseconds. This is quite impressive as well. The fast response time and input lag make sure that blurring and ghosting are removed in movie and video games.

ComfyView technology protects your eyesight. Screen flickering is highly reduced in this model, and this allows you to look at the screen for longer hours without any strain on your eyes. There is a built-in blue light filter which could be adjusted in the OSD settings of the monitor. This offers an additional level of protection to your eyes. The blue light produced by the screen has the ability to dig deeper in to the eyes and cause harm. As such, it is important to include eye protection technology when one is looking out for monitors. If you select monitors without this technology, you may experience headaches along with strain on the eyes and eye fatigue.

The monitor offers VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectivity. It has the ability to connect your tablet and other compatible devices and show you the content in full HD. There is an audio line-in jack which can be used when you connect via the HDMI port.

What users do not like about the Acer R240HY

    • Lack of Ergonomics
    • OSD Menu
    • Backlight Bleed
    • No VESA Mount
    • No DisplayPort
    • No built-in speakers and USB ports


The monitor can be tilted by only 20 degrees. As such, it is not possible to swivel, pivot, or even adjust the height of the monitor. However, as the monitor offers amazing viewing angles, all this is not generally necessary.

The OSD menu in the Acer R240HY is not quite user-friendly. It is slightly troublesome to navigate with it. Also, it does not support adjusting certain settings. Other than the brightness, contrast, and the level of blue light, other features like tweaking the colors and gamma are not available. However, the monitor does offer the settings to adjust focus, position, and clock settings.

The Acer R240HY is a budget monitor that is not VESA compatible. As such, if you want a monitor to hang up on the wall, you will need to purchase an additional fitting adapter to make it possible.

Backlight bleeding is a common side effect found in all IPS panel monitors. This is because excessive light passes through the panel, and this glows nears the edges of the screen. Only a light amount of bleed is found in entirely black or dark backgrounds.

There is no DisplayPort available with this monitor. As such, if you have an advanced graphics card, it will not be possible to use it to its fullest potential. You might require a FreeSync or G-Sync gaming monitor instead.

When compared to other budget monitors that come in this price range, the Acer R240HY does not have built-in speakers and USB ports. However, this is manageable given the crystal clear image quality of the panel.

​In Conclusion

The Acer R240HY is recommended for any casual gamer. Hardcore gamers might want to opt out of it as it has an IPS panel, a technology which is known to offer bad response rates and refreshes rates. However, this model makes sure to come out of these issues and offer 4 ms response time and 9.6 ms input time along with 75 Hz refresh rate.

This monitor also suits editors, graphic designers, and whoever is looking out for a good picture at a low budget.

The Acer R240HY is intended for daily use, with an amazing viewing experience. It is pleasing to the eye with an ultra narrow bezel and a classy design. This monitor is worth the price and will satisfy anyone who buys it. However, hardcore gamers may want to think twice and go for a gaming monitor instead.

In short, the monitor is an affordable, high-quality monitor with excellent performance. It is a good deal, and you must definitely go for it if you are looking for an exciting viewing experience.

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