Acer H236HL Review: Budget IPS Monitor for Gaming

When it comes to multimedia, most customers are ready to take their time and effort to choose the best one. Apart from the general aspects, most people look out for features like a comfortable viewing angle and image quality.

Looking out for the perfect monitor is a tiresome job, and there are many challenges and compromises included. A lot of research is required beforehand to make a choice one would not regret later on. When you are investing so much in one monitor, you must make sure it turns out to be the best.

The Acer H236HL is one of the best gaming monitor available in the market right now. Yet, there are a number of questions people have and all want to know if it is enough for all their gaming needs.

The main attraction of the monitor is that it not only has a gorgeous and amazing 1080p resolution, but it has a great overall look as well. It fits perfectly on the base developed with it.

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The Acer H236HL comes with excellent configuration and has a 3-year standard Acer warranty. Let us go through its features and specifications.

Acer H236HL Product Specifications​

  • Screen Size: 23 inches
  • Maximum Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.8 x 15.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Full HD Resolution

The Glossy Screen

Some people have personal preferences like a matte screen without much reflection. But, if you are a fan of the glossy screen, this monitor is made for you. The Acer H236HL comes with a glossy screen and high-quality display. In fact, this is one of the highest quality glossy screens one could ever find. Generally, glossy screens provide a better picture quality, and you definitely get it with this monitor. A very sleek look and feel is one of the major advantages of using this piece.

Moreover, it is sturdy and you can finally get rid of the shakiness that other monitors have when you bump your desk. The base is strong to keep the monitor in place.

Multiple Connections

These days, with transportability having become so easy, information is never kept at a single place. Most people prefer to carry their favorite video games and music along with them at all times. Development in technology has made this much easier with tablets, cell phones, and other portable devices.

Having such an easy data transport has a major advantage that the output can be achieved in so many different ways just by using standardized connectivity modes to help people connect.

Usually, an HDMI connection is used to connect to a display. However, if you have a different type of connection then you need not worry. The monitor supports HDMI, DVI, and VGA connections, all ready to use. The Acer H236HL excels in this matter.

With so many options, you have a wider spectrum of choice to use whichever device you want to connect. It could be your PC, smartphone, or notebook, and you could connect them and enjoy your media within minutes. As such, entertainment is powered and extended accordingly.

Moreover, the monitor comes with power-saving technologies to cut down costs and resources. This makes sure there is no wastage, and you can relax.

Zero Frame Design feature

The main feature of the Acer H236HL is the Zero Frame Design feature. Multiples of this monitor make video walls much easier. The monitor was created keeping this one thing in mind. The frame is designed so that when you put multiple monitors side by side you get an immersive experience. Isn’t that really amazing?

Most people prefer to use two more monitors to make work easy. It lets you organize your Skype, Twitch, and other applications much more easily and you could run them simultaneously with no glitches.

As such, you could use dedicate one monitor to Skype, live Twitch chat, and other general applications while the other one is exclusively or your game. This way, you get to focus on your game uninterrupted. This is the advantage of using more than one monitor, and the Acer H236HL is the best choice for that.

Fully Optimized Image Quality

The Acer H236HL boasts of a sharp and clear image, highly superior to several other monitors available in the market. With an IPS display, it shows every detail on the screen vividly and clearly with no color difference, irrespective of the viewing angle.

The Zero Frame Design feature makes sure to put no boundary on the visual enjoyment for the user. Along with it, the brushed hairline finish stand matches all kinds of environment and also comes with a magnetic clip base. Detailed imagery is achieved with full HD resolution and a highly superior 100 Million: 1 contrast ratio. This makes viewing photos, reading documents side by side and browsing the web much easier and enjoyable. The Rapid 5ms Response Time feature makes sure that gameplay is highly optimized. It reduces the deviations in the transition time to deliver amazing high quality moving images and brings immersive graphics to all your movies and games.

The Acer H236HL comes with a 23 inch full HD display which offers excellent detail with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. As such, it is perfect for HD productivity and multimedia applications. Moreover, the zero frame design is a sleek feature which creates a unique visual experience with no boundaries. As such, it is ideal for building video walls by using multiple monitors side by side. The magnetic base with brushed hairline finish helps you keep the desktop clean by acting as a helpful aid for paper clips.

What the Customers Think

Customers all across have also shared their views and reviews about the Acer H236HL monitor.

The wide array of connectivity features is mentioned in one o the first reviews. Along with the image resolution, this feature is what has attracted many users. Many shoppers have claimed these two to be really good.

The comfortable set up qualities of the monitor is mentioned in another comment. This is possible due to the firm T-shaped base. It is convenient and reliable, and also allows easy screen accommodation.

There are some unhappy reviews as well, mostly in reference to the unusual gloss on the screen. People with really sensitive eyesight might find this a bit annoying, especially inside a shiny room. Being an LCD screen, this is bound to happen. However, this can be improved if you dim the lights in the room. The inconvenience is reduced this way.

In short, the Acer H236HL is a fine choice at a reasonable price which offers excellent quality. It is one of the best budget monitors available in the market today which is worth a buy.

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