A2 Hosting Black Friday 2019 Deal: Up to 67% Discount (Promo Code Inside)

One amazing feature of the A2 Hosting company is its turbo speed. Although this hosting provider is sometimes underestimated, anyone who uses it can see that they offer the quickest shared hosting and they are very efficient.

If you’ve been thinking of giving A2 Hosting a try, this Black Friday season is the best time for you to check them out because of their amazing promo.

A2 Hosting provides a lot of great features to its clients as well as very affordable prices. Their Black Friday deal on shared hosting is starting from an amazing price of $1.98 monthly! Interested?

Black Friday A2 Hosting Deal 2019: Discount Coupon Codes

A2Hosting Black Friday 2019 deal is available on their shared hosting plans and VPS hosting plans. For the shared hosting plans, they’re offering 67% off on all their plans, and you can get a package from as low as $1.98 per month.

They’re also offering discounts on other plans such as Managed WordPress, Managed VPS, Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting. Here are the plans and how much you will be saving from this awesome Black Friday deal:

  • Shared Hosting- starts at $1.90 per month (67% discount). The discount code is MEGA67.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting- starts at $9.78 per month. (60% discount). The discount code is WP60.
  • Reseller Hosting- starts at $9.80 per month. (50% discount). The discount code is RSLR52.
  • Core VPS and Managed VPS- starts at $25 per month (50% discount). The discount code is MVPS-50.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers: starts at $96.50 per month (50% discount). The discount code is HALFDEDI.

With the codes, you can easily assess and enjoy the A2 Hosting Black Friday deal from the 26th of November all the way to Cyber Monday on the 2nd of December. All you have to do is visit the A2 Hosting site to enjoy their discounts this Black Friday.

A2 Hosting Unique Features

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose A2 Hosting during this Black Friday season for your web hosting solutions. Firstly, their amazing speed which is because of their free SSD servers that they provide to clients. Even when using shared hosting, they have super-fast speed.

Also, they take care of backups and so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your information. Instead of constantly backing up to your Google Drive account or Dropbox, you can easily rely on A2Hosting to take care of your site and content data.

They offer free SSL certificates on all the websites that you own. You don’t have to spend money on activating your SSL when using A2 Hosting on your domain names.

They provide clients with free migration. If you want to move from your old server to their SSD servers, they do it for you and without asking for payment.

Their customer support service is exceptional too. They have 24/7 support offered to their clients through a toll free number. You can call them on Skype or call their local number for a normal phone call. You can also send emails.

Lastly, they offer a surprising 100% money-back guarantee anytime you request for it it. This isn’t limited to 30 days like a lot of other web hosting providers, and this shows the level of confidence they have in their service.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the best with A2 Hosting services this Black Friday!

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