7 Best Games like Unravel

I know puzzle games might boggle your mind, but there is a different kind of fun in playing them and then getting that feeling of victory when you actually solve a tough puzzle all on your own. And there is also no end to the type of puzzles people come up with, this makes them even more distinct and unique from each other, and you will always find a new puzzle in front of you with each new title.

One such game that we are going to talk about is Unravel. It is a unique platform puzzle game with superb heart touching story of a character made up of Yarn called Yarny. There are no words in the game, but you are set on a beautiful adventure who is struggling to connect all the memories that he had.

Talking about the gameplay of this game, it is mostly a physics-based puzzler in which the players need to interact with the surroundings around him using a single thread. By the way, the environment of the game is really very beautiful and actually inspired by the forests of the Northern part of Scandinavia. The important part of the game is that you need to use different things present in the environment and try to solve the puzzles in the huge forest.

Not only the game is a bit emotional and dramatic, it takes you on a journey into nature and its mysteries with a cute and adorable character to play with. If you are a real fan of puzzle games, you should definitely play this one.

However, we are not here to talk about Unravel but similar best games that you can play. So, we bring you here 7 similar games like Unravel that you can enjoy if you liked this game.

1. Rayman Legends

Rayman LegendsRayman Legends comes from Ubisoft as well and is one of the best action adventure platform game of all time. It was their fifth game and probably the best game from them. In the game, Globox, Rayman, and Teensies are roaming around in the mysterious enchanted forest when they come across a tent full of captivating paintings. On looking closely, they look like telling the story of their old world in which their entire land get sucked inside the painting. They enter a new world full of new adventures. You need to jump, fight and run to get out of the new world. At the same time, you also need to discover the secrets that lie behind the legendary painting. If you love simple platformer adventure games, there is nothing more entertaining than Rayman Legends.

2. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind ForestOri and the Blind Forest is a unique action platform video game with spectacular and mesmerizing graphics. The game has a hand-painted art style, which makes it even more interesting.

Ori and the blind forest starts with a very sad sequence. You play the role of a character named Ori, who is a cat-like creature living alone in the cold and decaying forest Which was once full of animals, nurturing and warm. Ori is also accompanied by a small spirit with the name of Sein. Their Main aim is to bring the forest back to its original life and form. To do that, they need to defeat the darkness that has been Growing in the forest. The world here is a two-dimensional maze of different Chambers that are full of barriers, and you will need specific necessary skills in order to get past them. As you progress through the game, you unlock more and more map, getting more energy, treasures, and power-ups. One thing that we liked about the game is that the players can save at any point in time. It was a good idea to add that features since it is a difficult puzzle game that is hard to solve.

3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers A Tale of Two SonsBrothers: A tale of two sons, as the name says is a mystery puzzle game of two siblings who are on a quest to get the medicine from a magic tree in order to save their father’s life. You see a terrible tragedy in the opening scenes of the game. Both the brother need each other’s help and teamwork to solve the puzzles by climbing ledges, operating machines etc and help other people as well. You might think it to be just another puzzle game, but the twist enters when you have to control both the brothers at the same time. You have to control the left brother from the left thumbstick and younger brother from the right thumbstick. There are many other places where you have to perform actions using both the sticks to solve the problem.

4. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game SeriesGame of Thrones: A Telltale Series was released in the year 2014 and is more like a storytelling simulator puzzle game that you would love if you are a Game of Thrones fan too, just like me.

House Forrester is the main House in the game which is nobility from the Wolfswood present in the North and pledged to House Glover who has in return sworn their sword to the House Stark of Winterfell. The House does not exist in the novel in reality. Various events in the game basically start from the end of Season 3 and somewhat coincides with the Season 4 events. In the game, you get to visit many locations you will be familiar with like Kings Landing, the Wall etc. Also, you play the game with 5 different points of views. Most of the characters you play from the House Forrester is bent towards saving their House from destruction. However, you need to be careful with the decisions you make in the game as they could have an adverse effect on the story as well as the future of the House Forrester.

5. World of Goo

World of GooFor those who have played this game will agree that World of Goo is a treat to all the puzzle lovers out there. The idea of the game is pretty simple yet interesting. You have some blobs of glue that for very rigid bonds when they come close to each other. This ability of theirs allows you to build huge geometric towers or structures. There are different levels of the game which get harder and harder as you progress. Many new Goo types get introduced at the later point of the game, and you will have to develop the concept if you wish to pass and solve the puzzle.

6. The Swapper

the swapperThe Swapper is a very popular game and favourite of many puzzle game lovers. You start the game in the Space Station, and your character is stranded on it. In order to get some help, he uses a weapon that clones him. The player has an option to make only a maximum of 5 clones of himself and play from different clone’s perspective at any time. The game is a puzzle platformer and full of many environmental puzzles to solve. The fact that the environment around you is just a Space Station makes it even more interesting to play.

7. Child of Light

Child of LightChild of Light is a puzzle game based in the 19th century where a princess is whisked way in a fantasy land of Lemuria. The new world in which he gets into is two dimensional as well as fully hand painted. It is very mysterious filled will different creatures. Some of the inhabitants of the land are friendly and will join you as well on your journey out of this world. You will also find the dark entities that will attack as soon as they see you. You only have a sword with you to get back to your world fighting all these creatures. In addition to that, you also need to solve puzzles, find treasures and take part in turn-based battles to progress forward in the game. As soon as you will feel that you are almost close to your goal, the game takes an unexpected turn that leaves here even more lost and alone.

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