5G Internet – The New Game Changer

Pop Quiz: What are the basic things you need to survive in today’s world? Food, clothing, shelter, employment and of course, the internet. This remarkable invention of the 21st century has revolutionized each and every sphere of human life. It has seeped through the domains of technology, industry, agriculture, commerce, healthcare, education, and whatnot and become a foundational cog.

Whatever we do these days touches the internet phenomenon to some extent. Whether it is interacting with our loved ones worldwide, purchasing a product, conducting seminars, sending business emails or even controlling our automatic vacuum cleaner, everything is done over the internet. I mean, can you even imagine spending a few hours without feeling the need to check your newsfeed? No.

We are virtually enhanced and digitally engaged now, and it is only going to get better.

Where do you think our internet supply comes from? Internet providers, of course. Those individual organizations with which we have a love-hate relationship. Now, not all ISPs are as amazing and reliable as Spectrum internet plans, but there are respectable providers in most of the states. Certain neighborhoods do not even get stable internet coverage, and others, where the ISPs control bandwidth usage by enforcing data caps get limited access to the World Wide Web. If you belong to one such unfortunate area, then worry not, because the fifth generation of wireless internet or 5G is here to change all that.


Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or lost in the middle of the woods, trying to cook a pot roast before the fancy dinner or looking up research papers for your dissertation, checking up on your house remotely or hoping to post pictures of your recent trip to the Bahamas. Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, your diverse internet needs will be fulfilled by 5G.

First, let us create a rationale for it. Why do you even need 5G? Isn’t your current 4G LTE enough? Well, no. Not in the long run, at least. Even though it delivers blazing fast internet speeds, for now, the 4G technology suffers from a little bit of redundancy. The cellular antennas, which send the 4G LTE data to your synced devices, broadcasts signals in all directions. However, as the number of devices increases, the antennas are forced to blast out even a larger range of signals, which makes its current reception spotty and its stability uneven. So far, this method has work acceptably, but as a better and advanced version of the wireless technology comes on the horizon, the 4G LTE is rendered insufficient.

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5G and its beamforming technology promise to streamline the bumps in the bandwidth road. Now you must be wondering, how does this feature work? I want you to imagine a road intersection. There is traffic coming from every route. What is going to control it? The traffic light. Now, this traffic light does not send signals in all directions, because that would create confusion. Instead, it beams information in a particularized way, i.e. it sends each driver a specific signal as to where they exactly need to be. 5G’s beamforming works in a similar way. Its antennas blast each user with their own personalized stream of data. This increases broadband-dispensation efficiency, prevents the signals from crisscrossing over and promises to handle more devices at one time than ever.

A significant percentage of people are left out from experiencing a high-speed internet. Being stuck with their current ISPs, they have no option but to comply with what they are given, which is never enough. And as the economy spikes, these ISPs are expected to increase their rates, which will deprive many people, who’re not able to afford it, of this basic necessity. 5G and its beamforming technology seem to stand as a champion of the consumers in the dark times ahead, giving them more options to fall back on.

With this, faster and more economical internet will be at your service, which is only your right. Do get your hands on this tech as soon as it comes to the market and see for yourself.

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