5 Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking in An Hour

Google algorithm has been receiving persistent updates lately. Therefore, Search engine optimization or SEO is becoming trickier with each passing year. Other than the constantly updating Google algorithm, an SEO expert has to outrun the ever-increasing crowd of competitors online. That is to say, that ranking on Google SERP is not as easy as it used to be five years ago. Hence, to improve the search engine result page ranking of any website, the admin must keep tabs on even the tiniest details. Easier said than done. Then what to do? This piece of the article contains 5 easy to follow SEO tips. These tips can help any website owner to focus all its effort in the right direction. So let’s cut the small talk and jump right into the 5 tips to improve your Website SEO rank.

Tip 1: Create a Google My Business page

It is the mistake that even the most experienced SEO experts often commit. What is that? Well, it’s not registering a business with ‘Google My Business.’ One may wonder how ‘Google My Business’ can help a website rank better. The answer is straight and simple. If a website owner links the website with its Google My Business page, it helps the local searchers to access the website easily.

Google My Business Page Helps In Increasing The Website SEO Rank

Therefore the little organic traffic that’s generated from Google My Business helps the website to get more scores from Google bots.

Tip 2: Know the right keywords.

Selecting the pack of right keywords is one of the essential tasks behind any successful SEO campaign. This tip has three sub-steps of its own.

Competition Research:

  • Google keywords planner or Ubersuggest are two useful free tools. These tools come handy as they provide different keywords related to your segment. Moreover, they also provide you with accurate search volume and traffic data for each query.
  • Select your competitor websites and check for the keywords they are focusing on.

Analyze your website’s SEO data:

  • SmallSeoTool keyword ranking checker comes handy to get where a website is ranking for its main focused keywords.
  • Google Search Console and Google analytics provide SEO experts with precise data to track the keywords that their websites are ranking for. Not only that, but these tools also help one figure out which page is ranking for which keywords.

Integrating the website with selected keywords:

  • So now, when an admin has all the keyword research done, it is time to use the research. All the admin has to do is to rewrite the contents of each page, integrating the keywords naturally.
  • Reworking on the Title tag and descriptions with the ranking keywords boost the ranking of a website almost instantly.


Tip 3: Run a complete content analysis

All the hard work dedicated to keywords research could go in vain if one avoids analyzing their content on a site. It is crucial to put all the content through anti-plagiarism and word cloud tests. The use of copied content might get a website banned from Google for good. Therefore, whether it is intentional or unintentional plagiarism, one should stay clean, and avoid plagiarism no matter what.

Google Can Penalize A Website For Posting Copied Content

Copyleaks duplicate content checker tool comes in handy for detecting plagiarism in web content. One should also pay equal importance to check for plagiarism for the word clouds of each page.

Hence, to rank high concerning the SEO, plagiarism checkers should also be given importance and the duplicate content issues should get eliminated and the original content should get uploaded on a site.

  • 301 redirect is an important way to avoid plagiarism and content writers and creators or the SEO expert can use it to avoid plagiarism.

301 Redirect is an Important Way to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues on a Web Page

More than often, an incorrect HTML code or some error in a designing theme may cause a website to have some invisible texts or incorrect keyword clouds. Tagcrwd.com is a free tool that can provide a web admin with its keyword clouds.

What comes next is the content structure. Using header tags like <h1>, <h2> to structure a piece of content is necessary. These tags are useful for both search engine crawler bots and the user experience.

Both factors impact SEO directly. Though using keywords in the header tags is a smart decision, but one should not overdo this.

Tip 4: Optimize images

Optimization of the images on a website is the next step to improve a web page. Large-sized images are one of the primmest reasons to increase the loading time of one’s website. And Google focuses a lot on the page loading speed.

Search Engine Ranks Depend A Lot on the Image Optimization

Thus, using compressed images is the only way to keep the SEO score intact. Compressjpeg is just the tool one needs to escape the dilemma. It shrinks down the size of an image and holds on to its quality at the same time. Thus, one can boost up one’s page speed with the help of this tool.

Other than cutting down on the size of an image, one must also use keywords on the image alt attributes. Google crawlers don’t see images as we do; they read the image alt attributes and index them in the database.

Tip 5: Use proper Digital marketing mix

An impactful digital marketing strategy can’t exist without a fusion of different methods and approaches. Different classes of the audience respond to different modes of marketing.

Some responses to a social media post, some might be impressed by a well-written blog post on Tumblr, some may find the web page from Google, and the list goes on. Therefore it’s essential to design a Digital marketing mix that can be apt for the category of the audience one aims to appeal.


If SEO ranking is the optimal goal, it’s essential to drive traffic from different sources and channels to the business website. For the more number of people visits a website, the faster it rises through the ranks.

Moreover, Google prefers the websites which drive traffic from different sources over those driving traffic from a singular source. The content creators have an important role to play concerning the ranking of a website.

They should come with engaging content to reduce the bounce rate of a web page and should have the capability of hooking the visitors to a particular site.

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